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A MOTHER has revealed that she massively regrets her four-month-old daughter’s name and dreads having to say it to people.

The woman took to Reddit to explain her ‘baby name regret’ as she begged other parents for help and advice

She revealed that she let her husband choose the name for their child but now believes the pair made a mistake with their little one’s moniker.

Not only is she not a fan of the name, but she said that people often pronounce it wrong too. 

She explained on the community sharing website: “I regret my baby’s name. Backstory – We live in Southern US and were hit by a hurricane when I was 33w pregnant.

“Our home was severely damaged and is still unlivable. It has been a complete mess and very stressful. 

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“The night before she was due we had to evacuate yet AGAIN for another hurricane. 2 hurricanes in less than 7 weeks sounds made up, right?! 

“This time our apartment had severe water damage and we were back to the impossible task of finding another place to live. 

“I was past due [date] and ended up having to go to hospital immediately because fluid was low and placenta was calcifying. 

“So picking out a name was the last thing on our to-do list obviously. 

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“We were just trying to stay afloat those last 7 weeks and were so relieved she was born healthy and safely. 

“During my pregnancy, we loved the name Margot but then realised it rhymed with our last name so we vetoed it. 

“We never really agreed on any other names. 

“My husband liked “Camilla” but I was never fond of it. My youngest loved “Rosie”. 

“I loved tons of old names but he didn’t. Everyone told me “when you see her, you’ll know.” Well, I didn’t and I panicked. 

“After utter exhaustion, I just let my husband name her. He named her Camila Rose. 

“For some stupid reason, we decided to spell it “Camila” but pronounce it “ca-mill-luh”.”

The mother explained that she immediately felt regret at the name the pair decided on for their daughter and stated that she finds it “cringe.” 

She continued: “As he handed in the birth certificate I felt a tinge of regret but thought it was just hormones. 

“I didn’t sleep at all that night because I felt like we made such a mistake on her name. 

“I knew it wasn’t exhaustion and that the feelings were real when strangers would ask me her name and I’d cringe. It has been a process to say the least. 

“She’s now almost 4 months old and I still don’t know what her name should be. I dread telling people her name because it just doesn’t feel right for some reason. 

“It’s been mispronounced quite a bit – Camille, Camiyya, Ca-me-lah. We have to do something. 

“We either add an “L” to make it Camilla to help the pronunciation or just change it. 

“We have talked and he was very reluctant at first. But now that he’s witnessed the mispronunciations, he’s willing and wants to make a change – whatever that may be. 

“I don’t know if adding the L to make it “Camilla” would help any. 

“Here in the South, Camille is a super popular name. We also have Camellia trees which a lot of people misspell them as “Camilla” trees but pronounce it like Camellia. 

“I just feel like I’ve screwed up. Naming her siblings was not this difficult. We named them and never looked back.

“I’ve been calling her Rosie like my one of my children does because I just still haven’t warmed up to Camilla. 

“Yet now I’m questioning whether Rosie sounds like a dog’s name. Does it? 

“My mom suggested maybe calling her Millie. I feel at 4 months it’s too late to give her a new name but something has to give. I don’t know what to do.”

The mum revealed that the couple have decided that they are definitely going to change the name, but they just aren’t sure what to.

She continued: “This isn’t a question of DO we do something. Bc we are. 

“It’s a question of do we amend her birth certificate by adding an “L” or by changing her name entirely. 

“I’m so confused to where I don’t even know what I like anymore. I think my poor husband is too. 

“I’m tired of this and want to move on. Please help us!” 

Reddit users were quick to flood the comments, sharing their advice for the confused mother. 

One person said: “I am sure your daughter is amazing, but at 4 months she is eating, popping, crying, sleeping and maybe throwing in a little smile and a laugh here and there.

It's is not like she cares what she's called. It will take her a week to adjust to a new name. And to her a name is just the sound you make when you want her to look at you.

“If you want to make the change, this is the time.”

Another added: “I think you should start fresh. Decide on a name you love for your daughter and can say with joy and pride each time.

"I’m sure there is some easy way legally to change her name. 5 years from now this incident will just be a funny story.” 

A third commented: “Camilla Rose is a beautiful name but if you don’t like it then now is the time to change it or regret it forever.

"At 4 months, your daughter can easily re-learn a new name.”

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The mum later added: “Thank you all so much for the feedback. I am overwhelmed at all of the responses.

"I have read every single one and your encouragement has been so helpful. Thank you!!!

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