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BASED on the movies we watched growing up, we thought childbirth just involved timing your contractions, rushing to the hospital and then quickly popping out the kid.

But if you've ever been through it yourself, you'll know that is just the very tip of the iceberg.

Without going into too much detail, the midwives also have to deal with the placenta and any potential tears too.

And even though A-List celebs made us believe that we'd just "snap back" to our pre-baby bodies within a few weeks, mum-of-four Katie Marie knows that this isn't always the case.

Earlier this month, the US-based mum shared a photo of her baby bump which she took when she reached the end of her third trimester.

In a viral TikTok video that's racked up over 2.3m views, she then compared this with her stomach shortly after she gave birth to her twins.

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In the first photo, Katie was carrying her bump quite high and the skin over her stomach was taut.

But once she'd welcomed her bundles of joy, it dropped dramatically – as it to be expected.

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And while that might not be a shock to women who have been through it themselves, the size of Katie's post-baby bump left millions of viewers stunned.

Questioning if she was still pregnant, one wrote: "There is another one in there."

Laughing at some of the naive comments, another replied: "What do they think? Mom is going to go from watermelon to six pack?!"

Speaking from experience, a third said: "When I gave birth, my sister came to see the baby and said 'why do you still look pregnant?'

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A fourth added: "With my first I was fully expecting it to flatten right back out again and was SHOCKED when I still looked six months pregnant."

"Thank you for sharing," a fifth gushed. "My stomach after having my twins looks the same and I’ve been feeling so upset about it but now I don’t feel so alone!"

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