I paid over £40 for a set of acrylics but they are a total fail – people said they look like a worm was drawn on them | The Sun

THERE’S NOTHING worse than going to a nail salon to get your nails done and leaving feeling disappointed.

A woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that she was left gutted when she left a nail salon with nails that looked nothing like what she had asked for.

20-year-old beauty fan Kota, known as @20kota02 on the video sharing platform, revealed that she wanted a glamorous set of acrylic nails but was left open-mouthed at what the nail technician gave her instead. 

In Kota’s video, she shared an image of the nails that she had asked for – a set of black long acrylic nails with a sassy snake design on her ring finger.

But Kota then shared an image of the nails that she actually got – a set of white, short, square nails, with a squiggly line on her middle finger, that looked nothing like the snake she wanted. 

The beauty fan confirmed: “For everyone saying they made them white but the picture is black: I asked for it in white with the black snake as my accent nails.

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“I did ask for them to be like that, I’m aware it’s harder to do designs like that on shorter nails but it’s such a simple design”. 

Not only was Kota disappointed with her nails, that she confirmed cost her $50 [£41.62], she also revealed: “I painted white over them because I didn’t like them”.

As well as this, the beauty fan explained: “She didn’t even try, like she had the tools for it and I told her that if it was too small of a nail that I’d just go with all white but she kept going.

“I told her 3 times I just wanted the white & I had changed my mind on the snake and she said she was still going to do it even though i didn’t want it.

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“I know she heard me all 3 times because she replied and said “okay that’s fine” every time I said I just wanted white and she continued to put the snakes”. 

It’s safe to say, Kota’s nails are not as glamorous as the picture and they have left many open-mouthed. 

The beauty fan’s video has clearly got numerous people in hysterics as it has racked up a whopping 3.4million views.

It has 593.5k likes, 2,108 comments and 2,517 shares.

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TikTok users were stunned at Kota’s nails – particularly the black design. 

One person said: “GIRL THAT'S A WORM”. 

Another added: “That’s a tadpole”. 

A third commented: “Omg it looks like the snake game on Nokia 3310”. 

But not only this, many pointed out that it looked as though the nail technician didn’t make any effort with the woman’s manicure.

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