I paid £400 for a nose job as I had to do it on the cheap – I was awake while they were bashing my face & breaking bone | The Sun

A WOMAN who paid £400 for a nose job has left people horrified after revealing she was awake during the whole procedure.

A TikToker posted a video and explained how she was so desperate to have a nose job, she decided to fly to South Africa and get it done on the cheap.

However, much to her surprise, she was awake for the whole procedure – including when they were "bashing" her face and "breaking bone."

In the clip, she shares a before and after photo of her nose and says: "When you get a nose job for £404 ($500) in South Africa but you were awake the whole time."

She captioned the post: "Yes I remember everything.

"I was broke and desperately wanted a nose job."


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In response to one person who asked, the social media user went on to confirm: "I had zero pain medication.

"But I did have local anaesthetic injections on the nose.

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"They were bashing my face and breaking bone but no pain."

The video quickly went viral and racked up a whopping 1.5 million views and endless comments from social media users.

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"Ouch!" wrote one,

A second penned: "Seems scary!"

A third commented: "I could never!"

Meanwhile, a fourth questioned: "Did it work though?"

The TikToker replied: "Yes. But then I was dumb and wore sunglasses.

"It indented itself into the bone."

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