I ordered a burger and nuggets from McDonald's – when I opened the box I couldn't believe what was inside | The Sun

WHILE it can be annoying when food outlets get your order wrong, usually it’s at least somewhat salvageable.

But one woman’s McDonald’s mishap really takes the cake when it comes to orders being not quite right.

Posting to TikTok, Jessica Gardner says: “I’m having a terrible day and so I got McDonald’s before I went to work.

I got a burger, they forgot to put the patty on it, and you know what, that’s fine, I got nuggets so I’ll just eat the nuggets, maybe I didn’t need the burger.”

The lack of patty is certainly a disappointment, but mistakes happen, and Jessica still has her nuggets.

But when she opens her box of nuggets, she’s rather shocked by what’s inside as it seems the nuggets have been left off her order too.


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And not just missing, the nuggets have instead been replaced with an egg.

“Why?” asks Jessica, “why is there an egg in here? Breakfast has been over for two hours. I just wanted a meal before I go into work.”

In a followup video, Jessica reveals that she did manage to get a refund for the missing items:

“I did go back and get a refund and the girl started laughing immediately, which I get, it is funny.”

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She adds that she’s still unsure if this was a genuine mistake or mixup, or if it was actually just a prank by one of the McDonald’s workers.

Commenters on the video were quick to sympathise with Jess, with one writing: “I actually cried for you at this.”

“This would absolutely send me over the edge,” added another.

A third wrote: “This would send me into the biggest victim complex babe you’re doing better than I am. You got this.

While one commenter jokes: “They realllllly undercooked the chicken.”

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Others shared their own order mixups, “I once ordered a mcgriddle with only cheese and egg, no meat. They gave me just a slice of cheese. 4 times. it was right on the 5th try,” shares one unlucky customer.

“Went to McDonald’s today and ordered a large hot coffee. Paid and when I picked up the coffee at the drive through they gave me a cold coffee!” added a second.

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