I mixed up my wife and her twin sister at wedding, it was so awkward | The Sun

A SHEEPISH husband has admitted he's mixed up his wife and her twin sister because they look so alike.

Comic Luke Kempner is married to Scots DJ Alana Macfarlane and the couple share a daughter together.

But he's revealed even he has struggled to tell his 34-year-old wife apart from his sister-in-law Lisa on a couple of occasions.

Lisa and Alana – who have their own wellness brand The Gut Stuff – are mirror twins so have lots of reverse asymmetric features.

But people often mix them up – and Alana's hubby is no exception.

Speaking on the trio's S*** I Married a Twin podcast, Luke said: “If you’re [Lisa] staying at ours and you wear some of Alana’s clothes and you’ve not got any makeup on, sometimes I do have to like look at you.

"Have you noticed me doing it?

“And at Natalie’s wedding I put my arm around you. It wasn’t creepy, I just literally put my arm around you and then said ‘bloody hell’.”

But jumping to his defence, Lisa revealed: "We were bridesmaids. Our hair was the same. dresses the same, makeup the same.”

The sisters, better knows as the Mac Twins, also share an Instagram page which can cause confusion when they upload pictures to their account.

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Luke said he usually prides himself on being able to tell the blonde siblings apart but was stumped by a "fit" selfie.

He revealed: “One of you had posted a picture of yourself and you looked really nice.

"And I just thought, you look really nice. I was about to write you look really fit, then I was like I’m not sure if this is my wife.

“Then I just wrote if this is Alana you look fit, if this is Lisa you look lovely.”

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