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A YOUNG woman has revealed that she lives in a council house but you would never know.

25-year-old Celene Francis explained that she has given her home a mega makeover, using budget buys from Aldi, B&M, The Range, Ikea and Home Bargains. 

The DIY whizz recently took to social media to show off her impressive front room overhaul, leaving many open-mouthed. 

At the start of the clip, we saw Celene’s space prior to its epic makeover.

The walls weren’t plastered or painted and instead were peeling. 

The floor was a mess, with no flooring or carpet laid. 

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And as many eagle-eyed TikTok users noted, the front room’s door was bright purple and certainly not to Celene’s taste. 

However, seconds later, Celene proudly showed off the impressive drab to fab makeover.

Celene’s space had been given a stunning and very modern overhaul.

Worlds apart from how it looked when she moved in, the space now has grey carpets, a modern black radiator and decorative vases and pampas to complete the room. 

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Celene later confirmed that it has taken her nearly three years to get her home decorated how she wants it, but by using cheap buys from the high-street, she has been able to keep the costs low.  

Celene posted her clip on TikTok just five days ago under the username @61thecouncilhouse, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 117,800 views. 

Social media users were stunned at Celene’s home makeover and many were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “Looks amazing, well done.”

Another added: “Beautiful and so stylish.” 

A third commented: “Such a lovely home!” 

Whilst someone else posted: “Love it.” 

But it’s not only the inside of Celene’s home that has been given some TLC – as she recently revealed that her garden has been given a mega new look too.

Celene confirmed that she was quoted over £10,000 to build a privacy fence in her back garden, so she instead decided to do it herself on a budget.

Costing her just £600 in total, it’s no surprise that Celene was thrilled to have saved around £9,400 on her DIY job. 

She said: “POV: You get quoted more than £10,000 for your garden so you do it yourself.”

In the short video we saw Celene get to work on building the fence. 

She said: “So I thought I'd just do a quick video on how we created this slat fence.

“It is super easy to do, super cheap and looks really, really nice.

“We get loads of compliments on it and honestly, it is really easy to do.

“So first things first, what you’re gonna need to do this is, you’re gonna need 4×4 posts, 4×1 slats, how many you need depends on the size, you’re gonna need some screws and you’re gonna need some Postcrete.

“So to start off with, you wanna dig roughly two feet deep for each post and then what you want to do, you wanna use one slat to measure the distance between each of your posts.

“So for example, our slats measure 2.4 meters, so we had a post every 2.4 meters.

“Obviously you want to add your Postcrete, leave them to set, and once they are fully set, you want to go ahead and screw the bottom slats across, so you want to do that the full length you intend to do.”

She then stressed the importance of using a spirit level, as she continued: “Make sure you use a spirit level, because you want to make sure that they're all nice and level.

"To create the gap in between the slats, we turned one of the slats on its side, pop it on your bottom slat, that is the gap that we used and then we just built up the fence that way.

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“Once you get to the top of the fence, if you've got any remainder of the post left, obviously cut it off, depending on the height that you wanna go for.”

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