I hit the drive-through but was left stunned by the writing on my food – I complained but then realised my EPIC fail | The Sun

SHE decided to pop to the drive-through when she got back from holiday and realised she didn't have any food in the house.

So she went to a nearby eatery to pick up some sandwiches for herself and her family.

But when she started to drive down the road, she pulled out one of the sandwiches and saw what looked like an offensive term written on the paper.

"I know I asked for a lot on my sandwich and took off a few things that I didn't like but this was sooooooooo unnecessary!" Lori Conway wrote alongside her picture on Facebook.

"Not to mention, I am ordering for a family of 6!"

Fuming, she turned around and headed back to the restaurant to "make a complaint with the manager and find out who did this!!!!"

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However, when she started complaining, she was told that the writing – which she had thought said B**ch – actually stood for "BLT with cheese".

"Let it be a reminder that things are not always what they seem," Lori concluded.

"That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Ever ever ever!" one person commented on Lori's post.

As another added: "They are going to be telling your story in employee orientation for generations.

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"That is hilarious!"

And a third commented: "Oh wow!!! I totally would have thought the same thing and had the same reaction!! 

"Thanks for sharing to remind the rest of us."

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