I have teeny boobs so never wear bras and the sizes baffle me but I tried one just labelled small & it’s a game changer | The Sun

A WOMAN who's never bought a bra in her life was thrilled when she found one that was marked as a standard small.

Alina took to TikTok to share a video gushing about the red and pink bra she'd purchased, after struggling to get her head around the complex bra measuring system.

"I ordered a bra," she said.

"It's probably the very first bra I've ever purchased in my life because I do not wear bras.

"I do not understand why bras exist for girls with small…

"This bra had only small, medium and large sizes which was very simple for me to choose because sometimes they have the whole alphabet- it's like 32B, C, G, A, B size.

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"And I'm like, relax man, we're talking about boobies right now. Relax."

Alina continued to insist it's either "small, medium or large in my brain" because she has "minus 2BC size" boobs.

"I don't understand, ok?" she said.

The comments section was quickly flooded with people weighing in, with many admitting they needed more of a size range than just small, medium or large.

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"I need the ABCDE," one wrote. "SML is not an option."

"I need the whole alphabet!! I hate s/m/l!!! That being said that is a cute bra," another laughed.

"As someone with small boobs but like an xl circumference I do need the numbers plus ABCDE," a third commented.

"The whole alphabet LMAOOOO literally SO CONFUSING," someone else laughed.

As another wrote: "You’re hilarious, I’ve also got a -2Abcdsz."

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