I have cellulite but I won't let it stop me wearing a bikini – I'm hot as heck and so are you queen | The Sun

A LIFESTYLE producer has been waving the flat for all women with cellulite, insisting there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Few women are without it, she said, so just be proud of your body.

She certainly is and she won't allow a bit of pimpled skin to stop her from wearing a bikini.

This lady oozed body confidence and wants to inspire other women with cellulite to feel the same.

Chloe Ferrari (@chloefferrari) has 250,000 followers and 3.6 million likes on her TikTok.

“Little bit of everything. Solo mum. Self-love," was how she described her remit on the platform.

This Australian mom put her words firmly into action in this post, where she exuded positive affirmations.

She wore a white bikini and beamed widely as she posed on a beach.

“Daily reminder: cellulite is normal," she said.

Then she added a note to herself: “Remember, you are hot as heck queen."

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Commenters loved her confidence and refusal to hide her body away.

“The beauty of imperfections,” was how this person summed up her post.

“Looking amazing, natural woman,” said another.

This fan was in awe: “Beautiful and inspiring”

This person thought her imperfections – or not – just didn't matter: “Whatever you are, you still remain beautiful.”

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