I have big boobs, I bought a dress from Shein but there's a huge problem, I even caused relationship issues at dinner | The Sun

A TIKTOK user has revealed that she had a huge problem with her cute Shein dress which even caused relationship issues at dinner.

The young woman, @alexachristena, showed off an orange and white striped dress she purchased from Shein, while explaining that there was one major problem with it: the cleavage situation.

"I like it, it's a cute dress. I ended up really liking it. But there's one, one, one flaw with it," the TikToker admitted.

The social media user said that the problem had nothing to do with the fabric, but the lack thereof.

"And the flaw," she paused, before slapping her chest. "Are my melons. They've been out and about all f***ing night."

After one night of wearing the new dress, the woman was in disbelief at how many unusual, creepy glances she received from strangers.

"I was like sir, up here!" she said, pointing to her eyes.

After her partner snapped an image of her, the reason why she was getting so much unwanted attention became quite clear.

"Like I probably started some relationship problems tonight and I didn't even notice it," she explained. "Until my boyfriend took this picture of me and I was like 'Oh my God."

The TikTok video then cut to the image in question. The woman was shown sitting at a dinner table in the deep, v-neck dress.

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"I like the dress but there's just one flaw," she concluded with some laughter.

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