I have big boobs and people always accuse me of being ‘sl***y’ and I'm constantly dress-coded – it’s so annoying | The Sun

A WOMAN with big boobs has revealed the typical comments she often receives as a result of her large chest.

Beth Riva explained that while people accuse her of looking ‘sl***y’, she is constantly dress-coded too. 

Not only this, but she claimed that people accuse her of showing off her breasts and other women will regularly tell her to stop complaining about having a full cleavage. 

Posting online, the influencer explained: “Things people have said to me as someone with big boobs.”

In the short clip, which was uploaded on social media with the caption ‘Who else?’, we saw Beth wearing a black vest top and a cropped blazer, showing off her full bust.

She then put on a pair of sunglasses as she danced around to the rude remarks people often say to her. 

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Revealing all on social media, Beth first claimed that she is often dress-coded, as a result of her chest.

She noted that people will often say to her: “You shouldn’t wear that, she can but not you.”

Not only this, but the blonde beauty then revealed that she is regularly accused of trying to show off her breasts.

She claimed that people will typically remark: “You clearly just wear that to show them off.”

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Even worse, Beth explained that people can be very rude to hear and will say that her clothes: “Look a bit sl***y.”

Finally, if Beth is ever to complain about having a full bust, she claimed that people will regularly respond: “Stop complaining, you’re lucky.”

Beth’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @beth.riva, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 49,800 views 

Many social media users could relate to Beth’s video and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “Living my life in high necked tops because of comments like this.”

Another added: “My fav is ‘put them away!’ Where?? In a drawer?”

A third commented: “Isn’t my fault, I got blessed with them.”

Someone else chimed in: “My life to a T!!!!”

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Whilst another woman responded: “Lucky????!!! Your back constantly on the verge of breaking.” 

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