I have 34F boobs – I'm 160 lbs and trolls accuse me of 'promoting obesity,' but they weigh the same as a six month baby | The Sun

A CURVY woman has despaired of trolls who have accused her of "promoting obesity."

They have no idea what they are talking about she said, admitting that their unsolicited views made her angry.

Kate (@8kateee) stands a little over five feet tall, weighing 160 lbs, and with 34F boobs.

This Florida lady has 178,000 followers on her TikTok, where her remit is all about "curvy clothes and other things."

But in this post, she revealed the true weight of having big breasts.

In doing so, she brought comfort to the many thousands who commented.

“I told all my friends this. Thank you. This changed my perspective completely," was a view typical of many more.

“A pair of DD or F boobs weigh up to 25lbs," said Kate.

When she first heard this, she had an emotional reaction: “When my doctor told me I cried a little.”

She put that weight into perspective: “The equivalent of carrying around a six-month-old baby."

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To faceless keyboard warriors, she had this to say: “I got a comment saying I was promoting obesity by saying I weighed 160 lbs.

"You think I’m going to step on the scale and give a f*ck what the number says?" she said stridently.

Her video had the effect of reassuring many thousands of women with a similar shape to hers.

There were over 601,000 likes to her post.

“Okay, so automatically going to take 25 lbs off the scale now. Thank you for this," said one person.

“That was very comforting to hear and to learn. Thank you,” said a second.

“This makes me feel so much better,” was the reaction of a third.

It made a lot of sense for this fan: “My constant back pain has been explained.”

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