I hated my freckles so I took drastic action to remove them… my skin now looks like cling film but it's worth it | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan was left with cling film for skin after attempting to remove her freckles and pigmentation.

Doone Roisin, from Australia, shared the horrific transformation video after trying ''the world's strongest chemical peel'' in a desperate attempt to banish the sun damage on her skin.

The Aussie explained that before the treatment, she had noticed melasma on her lips, as well as sun spots and pigmentation.

To tackle this, Doone saw a professional who applied the chemical peel – and it wasn't long before ''it started to burn''.

''I was really gentle removing it because I was already feeling burnt and swollen, and my skin had already started to peel off.''

The young woman, who reckoned the pigmentation made her eyes look ''tired'', has since shared the journey on TikTok, where viewers can tune in the healing process.


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By day four, Doone's skin had changed drastically, as there flakes peeling off in large quantities.

Although she had noticed that the melasma around her lips had lightened, the procedure had not yet made any progress with the sun spots.

''My forehead hasn't started [to peel] yet, so I look like cling wrap,'' she chuckled in her video.

''It's so freaking itchy and I just really wanna peel this off but you're really not meant to.''

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To get rid of the dead skin hanging from her face, Doone has come up with a rather ''gross'' solution – she grabs scissors and just cuts them off.

Whilst the process has not yet finished, the beauty lover insisted she was already seeing ''some really good progress''.

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''But I still have a few months of using the twice-daily cream to bring the sun damage to the top and burn it off.

''Overall, I'm really happy and I would definitely do it again.''

Seeing the progress, social media users were stunned – although, a little horrified.

One reckoned: ''I wouldn’t be able to resist peeling.''

''No cause the freckles are so cute,'' another said.

''Honestly your freckles are so cute! I love that look on women!!!'' someone else agreed.

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