I had two dress options for my courthouse wedding – there was an 'issue' with my pick but I stand by my decision | The Sun

A FULLER-BUSTED woman has caused a frenzy online for the two dress options she had for her courthouse wedding.

People had an issue with her choice, but she stood by her decision to wear the style.

Jen Warnes (@itsjenwarnes) provides bra reviews for women like herself with small bands and large cup sizes.

She branched off from her normal content to give her audience a look at her courthouse wedding.

In a TikTok video, she told viewers about how torn she was between two wedding dress options for her courthouse nuptials at San Francisco City Hall in 2014.

"I never even tried on traditional wedding dresses. I had two dress options and I'm going to show them to you now and you can tell me if you think I made the right decision," Jen said.

The first dress option was a white strapless fitted midi dress with a sweetheart neckline that emphasized her curves and body shape.

The second option was a white backless high-waisted babydoll lace dress that fell a little above her knees, which could cause difficulties for her with a 28J bra size.

"This one was backless, so you can see the issue that I had with this one. Before I knew about tape, before I knew about any type of solutions, so my solution was nothing," she said.

Jen also asked in the video caption: "Did I make the right or wrong decision?"

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Many people were adamant that she choose the first option that hugged her body.

"I will scream if you didn’t pick one," one commented.

"Dress two was the style nine years ago! Dress one was definitely beautiful and ahead of its time," a TikTok user chimed in.

"If you didn’t pick one, I'm going to cry," another added.

"One fits your silhouette so perf. Number two looks like a clubbing dress from 10 years ago (still cute tho),but number one was stunning and snatched and looked special," a viewer added.

Ultimately, she ended up going with the second option, which many were not happy about.

"This dress just felt more me. I felt more comfortable in it," she said.

Even though she couldn't wear a bra, she said she felt like the structure of the dress held her bust in well.

"The group chat, when I was deciding which one to wear, no joke, every single one of my friends voted for this one," she said as she pointed to the first choice.

"I'm actually so glad I didn't listen to them, and I went with what I was feeling," she added.

In another TikTok video, Jen shared how her wedding dress caused a stir online because people think she picked the wrong dress to wear.

"When you wake up one morning nine years after your wedding and the entire internet thinks you picked the wrong dress," the subtitle over her head read.

Jen wore black biker shorts and a black sports bra with an unbothered expression on her face.

"What? Oh…okay," she mouthed along to the audio before walking away.

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"I was rooting for dress one but changed my mind after you showed the actual wedding photos," a fan complimented under the video.

"It was very flattering, but maybe not right for a wedding. I think you made the right choice," another added.

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