I had three back-to-back babies & swear by a hack to cut down laundry time – I'm called lazy but it's a game changer | The Sun

A MUM of three back-to-back babies has revealed her "game changing" hack to cut down her laundry time.

Tiffany took to her TikTok page to share her top tip, despite the fact she was labelled "lazy" because of it.

"I was called lazy for doing this but I think it’s genius," she began her video.

"As you can see, I have bins behind me.

"Each bin is a different person in my family.

"And I don’t fold… I just take the things directly out of the dryer, and toss it in the bin for the person it belongs to."

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Once the baskets are full, she takes them up to her kids' rooms, where she puts the clothes into "more baskets that are in cube shelves, without folding them, and move on with my life".

And others parents quickly took to the comments section to praise her for the clever laundry approach.

"You win the internet," one wrote.

"I think it's genius," another added.

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"I approve this message!" a third commented.

'I don’t even separate colours when I wash them… I don't put socks together.. ugghh life is too short!!"

"Brilliant!! Amazing job Mum!!!" someone else wrote.

Others shared their own suggestions, with one writing: "Keep everyone's clothes in separate bins before washing and wash separately.

"So it's in the wash/dryer and then straight to their room to baskets."

"I have tried that but 3 under 5 it felt impossible," Tiffany replied.

"yup I do the same, each kid has a basket In their room full of clean unfolded clothes," someone else commented.

As Tiffany responded: "It literally is so much easier!!!!"

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