I had huge boobs but no one realised because of how I dressed – they were stunned when I had a breast reduction | The Sun

A WOMAN who got breast reduction surgery has revealed how she managed to hide how big her boobs were from her pals. 

Elle explained that she “dressed accordingly” in order to make it appear as though her breasts were smaller than they actually were. 

Her methods even extended to her wedding day, where she strategically placed a satin bind across her chest. 

Explaining her methods to viewers, @elles_surgery_journey said: “When I started telling people I was having a breast reduction, everyone said, ‘I really didn’t notice that you had big boobs, that that was a worry to you’. 

“And I answer with… I dress accordingly.” 

Elle, from Melbourne, Australia, said she’s spent her “whole life” styling her outfits to hide her bigger bust. 


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“Let me show you,” she continued as she panned the camera around to a photo of her posing with a man. 

In the picture, she could be seen wearing a green dress with thin straps and a matching satin green belt across her chest.

“Here I am at about 27 years of age and definitely probably at my thinnest,” she said.

“Look, dressing accordingly,” she went on before pointing at the satin belt. She said: “Like my boobs go way under there.

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“And I wear tops that don’t show off my cleavage.” 

Moving over to another picture frame, she could be seen posing with the same man while in a wedding dress. 

The white gown was cinched at the waist and a full skirt that ruffled down towards the floor.

Her hair was styled in an up-do while her veil wrapped around her shoulder as she held a matching white umbrella. 

“Fast forward, my wedding dress,”  she said.

Pointing at her chest, where the satin wrapped around her, she went on: “My boobs went all the way into here and this is corseted. So it looks like my boobs finish here, but they finish there. Dressing accordingly.” 

“I have always been self conscious of my large breasts. I learned how to dress accordingly to help disguise and not draw unwanted attention,” she added in the caption. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “I feel like that’s the opposite of dressing accordingly but I totally understand what u mean”. [sic]

Elle responded: “I dress according to how I want to present myself”.

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Another said: “Never related  to anything more than this…” 

While a third shared: “I’ve never resonated with something as much as your caption, been dealing with it since I was 10, thank you for sharing!” 

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