I had a glow-up – people think I had a nose job but my face just ‘filled in’ | The Sun

A YOUNG woman's glow-up transformation has been striking enough that people are convinced she's had a nose job.

But Saharsays that her face just "filled in," and she posted the photos to prove it.

Toronto-based content creator Sahar (@saharrooo) shared her glow-up in a video with over four million TikTok followers.

"I'm always seeing really young girls and teenagers especially talking about how badly they want a nose job," she said.

The influencer argued that at that age it was much too soon to consider surgery as the nose hasn't had enough time to "set."

"I don't know if there's like a study on this or what but I swear your nose doesn't set into its proper place and size until you're in your 20s," she explained.

When she was younger, Sahar said that people would ask her if she got a nose job but she thought her face just "filled in."

"This is me when I was 13," she said, pulling up a photo of her younger self.

"This is when I was 15, you can tell it got a little smaller than 13 but it's still not this," she said, pointing at her current nose.

The influencer urged people to reconsider getting surgery before enough time had passed.

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"One, there's nothing wrong with your nose, it's perfect the way it is, and two, I think it's still changing," she said.

"I think your face and everything is still changing cause it's not the biggest difference on earth but it's enough for people to think I got a nose job."

"Don't jump on the Let Me Get a Nose Job The Second I Turn 18 bandwagon just yet, your face is still filling in and your nose is still finding its place."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts: "I needed to hear this," said one commenter.

"I definitely think people should wait until their 20s for plastic surgery — so many things I disliked as a teenager have disappeared naturally for me," said another.

"Yeah I feel like a lot of people def grow into their features from when they're teens/kids," agreed a third.

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