I had a BBL and the pain on my body was like being burnt alive… but my bum didn't hurt at all | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER who got a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has revealed that the surgery left her feeling like she was being burnt alive. 

But according to Adea Danielle, her new bum didn’t hurt at all.

A BBL is a popular cosmetic procedure that transfers fat from other parts of the body to the backside to make it fuller and rounder. 

With stars like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian showing off their sizeable behinds, there has been a spike in BBL surgeries in recent years.

Many Brits travel to Turkey to get it done.

However, the procedure doesn’t come without its risks and is considered one of the most dangerous ever, with an estimated mortality rate as high as one in 3,000.

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For 22-year-old Adea, her main issue post-surgery was feeling pain all over her body.

This was caused by the liposuction required to extract the fat from other parts of her to create her new bum.

The Canadian influencer compared the recovery to being burnt alive by spitting oil or heated hair tools. 

She took to Tik Tok to tell her 1.5 million followers: “I just figured out a way to describe the pain of a BBL.

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“You know when you hit yourself and the next day, you have a bruise? And then someone touches it, or you touch it, and it hurts?

“That’s how it feels all over your body.”

“And you know when you’re cooking something or you’re doing your hair and you burn yourself really hot?

“That same feeling all over your body.”

In an unusual observation about the pain she suffered after her major surgery, Adea said her bum didn’t hurt at all.

She explained: “The butt doesn’t really hurt.

“I’ve never felt pain in my butt.

“It’s really where I got lipo, which I did full 360; back, arms, stomach, sides, inner thighs.

“That’s what hurts.”

Recovery from a BBL takes patience alongside the extreme pain – and not following aftercare advice can lead to results healing badly.

Patients are advised to lie only on their front for the first two weeks and start moving around more in the second.

Adea added to her viewers that she was happy to produce more videos about her BBL to give first-hand advice on the surgery. 

People told her that she had “the best BBL they’ve ever seen” and assured her the pain was “worthwhile” for how “amazing” her body looks now.

One fan quipped: “Girl, your surgeon did a masterpiece.

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“Well worth the pain.

“You’re looking amazing.”

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