I got pregnant with an IUD for the second time – here's how to make sure it doesn't happen to you

A TIKTOKER says she is pregnant for the second time despite having an IUD.

Scharon, an ultrasound technician, said she checks the location of her IUD once a month after a previous pregnancy apparently occurred while she had one.

An intrauterine device, commonly known as an IUD, is a small piece of plastic that is inserted into the uterus as a form of birth control. It is 99 percent effective, Planned Parenthood reports.

However, Scharon, who goes by @itsscharonnotsharon on TikTok, claims that she has gotten pregnant twice while using the contraceptive.

During one of her recent check-ups, she said she discovered a “pregnancy sac” next to the IUD.

She recorded her reaction to the pregnancy on TikTok and it immediately went viral, gaining over seven million views within a few days.

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In one of the clips, Scharon performs an ultrasound on herself and discovers that she is pregnant.

She leans forward to get a better look, pulls her mask down and mouths the words: “What the f**k?”

“Not again…” she wrote in the caption with the hashtags #IUDPregnancy, #IUDBaby, and #Birthcontrolproblems.

The video has nearly 7,000 comments with people expressing their fears and reactions to Scharon’s predicament.

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“I don’t claim no negative energy,” wrote one person.

“*adds reminder to schedule tubal ligation*” wrote another.

While pregnancy during IUD use is reportedly rare, some commenters shared their own experiences of becoming pregnant while on birth control.

“I’ve always gotten pregnant on birth control and no one really believes it,” claimed one user.

“I know SO MANY people that get pregnant on the IUD,” wrote another.

One user claimed that all four of their kids are “birth control babies. Doc said my body rejects the birth control.”

Thankfully, some also expressed that their IUDs worked perfectly fine for them.

“I’m on my third IUD and haven’t bled a drop or had a pregnancy scare in 13 years,” said one user.

“I thought the chances were like 0.01 percent.”

“I had two IUDs for a total of 8 years and they never failed me,” said another.

Planned Parenthood says fewer than one out of 100 people who use an IUD will become pregnant each year.

“IUDs are so effective because there’s no chance of making a mistake. You can’t forget to take it (like the pill), or use it incorrectly (like condoms,” wrote the company.

“And you’re protected from pregnancy 24/7 for three to 12 years, depending on which kind you get.

“Once your IUD is in place, you can pretty much forget about it until it expired.”

The IUD prevents pregnancy by making sperm unable to reach and fertilize the egg. It comes in five different types.

Four out of the five types of IUD release a small amount of the hormone progestin. The fifth, the ParaGard – or the copper IUD – is hormone-free.

The ParaGard uses copper to trigger your immune system to prevent pregnancy, according to WebMD.

“You’re very unlikely to get pregnant while you have an IUD. But if it happens, it raises your risk for miscarriage, infection and early labor and delivery,” it wrote.

In extremely rare cases, IUDs can fall out. If you don’t have children, are under 20 years old, had the IUD put in right after giving birth, or if your uterus is unusual in size, they are reportedly more likely to move.

The CDC recommends health care providers consider performing examinations at routine visits to check for the presence of IUD strings.

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Women can also check that their IUD is in the right place by feeling for the IUD threads coming out of the cervix once a month.

"You should not be able to feel the IUD itself. It is advisable to
check your IUD in this way once a month, ideally just after your period finishes," Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust wrote.

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