I got dress coded at work for revealing too much of my upper body – people face-palm when they see my outfit | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the bizarre reason her boss dress coded her at work – and her social media followers are baffled by the rationale.

Texas worker Bethany got dress coded on the clock for revealing too much of her upper body, although it wasn't the part of the body that usually causes dress code violations.

We may all have different ideas of what would be considered business attire, yet at work, the only opinion that matters is the manager's.

In Bethany's case, she thought she knew what her boss considered appropriate, but apparently not.

"So, I got dress coded at work," she explained in a recent TikTok.

Bethany backs away from the camera to reveal her full fit.


I got dress coded at work – people say it’s only because I have a big butt

"Not because it's too short," Bethany begins to explain.

She's wearing a sleeveless denim dress that cuts off right below her behind.

Bethany asks: "Do you wanna know why I got dress coded?"

The employee steps forward so the camera can see her face.

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"But because my shoulders are showing," Bethany admits.

The top of her denim dress is sleeveless, but the fabric stops right before her shoulder ends.

She rolls her eyes and says: "Seriously? My shoulders are showing. I'm not f*****h 12."

Baffled viewers commented on the ridiculousness of Bethany's "dress code violation."

"Omg why the shoulders it doesn’t matter that u show your shoulders," a confused fan commented as they slammed their palm into their face.

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An even more distraught individual wrote: "Wait that’s a thing for adults???"

"Bro fr Idek what’s wrong with showing shoulders," one viewer argued.

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