I fund my girlfriend’s entire life but now she’s raging because I won’t pay for her to buy Xmas presents for her family

A MAN refused to pay for his girlfriend’s presents for her family because he financially supports every other aspect of her life – and she’s not happy about it.

The man, 28, revealed that he put his foot down about paying for his 25-year-old girlfriend’s Christmas presents for her family.

He explained the situation in detail in a Reddit post while asking for advice.

He said: “Me and Lauren have been dating for two years and recently moved in together. I work full time and she’s a full-time student. Due to this I pay for all living expenses.”

The pair came to an agreement about Christmas presents, but it’s not working out as he had planned.

He continued: “With Christmas coming up we decided to not do gifts in order to save a little extra money. 

“This was fine until this week when Lauren asks me to pay for gifts for her family and friends.”

Before Lauren was a full-time student, she would buy nice presents for her family and take part in an expensive gift exchange with her friends, and she didn’t want to give up these traditions. 

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The man explained that he didn’t want to pay for her gifts to her friends and family.

He said: “I tell her that isn’t something I’m comfortable doing. She gets upset asking why I’m being mean and I state that I don’t want to spend my money on gifts for her friends/family. 

“And If she wants to buy them gifts then she needs to get a temporary job or something.”

At this point, Lauren began to negotiate with her partner.

He explained: “She says she will pay me back and offers to make this a loan. I basically say it’s not a loan and I’m not gonna get paid back. 

“I also tell her that I’m not comfortable loaning my girlfriend money because it leads to issues.”

Lauren’s family then decided to get involved in the dispute, making matters even worse.

He said: “Yesterday Lauren’s sister calls, telling me I’m an a**hole for ruining Christmas for her kids/sister and that Lauren’s parents are upset too. I felt bad but I don’t want to do this either.”

Many commenters thought Lauren’s behaviour was out of order and encouraged the man to stick to his guns.

One wrote: “This is where thing move from ‘we're living together’ towards ‘she's sponging off of you’. And its a giant red flag that the entire family can't enjoy Christmas without throwing around ‘nice’ gifts.”

“I worked 20 hours a week in a bar while I was a student so I could afford rent. She has the time to work”, added another. 

And a third said: “It's your money and she should not at all expect unquestionable access to it. If Christmas is such a seriously important thing to her, she needs to look for a seasonal job.”

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