I forked out £3.5k for Turkey Teeth… trolls say my life will now be agony & I look like a cartoon but I don't care | The Sun

A BLOKE has been brutally mocked after forking out almost £4k for the infamous Turkey Teeth.

The sunny Middle Eastern country Turkey has more to it than just an unforgettable holiday and an exotic cuisine – it's also home to numerous dental gurus offering a new smile on the cheap.

The bargain deal has become increasingly popular over the years, especially amongst cash-strapped Britons wanting to spruce up their teeth.

Amongst those jetting off to Turkey was also TikTok user Luke Halliday (@lukehalliday55), who shared the transformation online.

The young bloke forked out £3.5k for sparkling white crowns and was so pleased with the outcome, he even urged his 3.5k followers on TikTok to do the same.

Flashing his shaved gnashers, Luke said in his video: ''This is your sign to get Turkey teeth.''

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According to Luke, who got the smile transformation in Antalya, his pearly whites should last him around ten to 15 years depending on how well he takes care of them.

Looking back at the procedure, Luke also described it as pain-free.

But despite insisting he had no regrets so far, people on social media reckoned otherwise – they were convinced his life would be an agony from now on.

Thousands of concerned TikTok fans flocked to comments, where many begged others to steer clear of this trend.

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''Root canals, lifetime of pain and expense ahead. Enjoy them for now,'' one wrote.

''As per stats, these will be out in 3 yrs and NHS will puck up the bill to fix it,'' another said.

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Someone else was horrified, saying: ''Filling down perfectly good teeth is heartbreaking.''

''Why are people doing this!! Look like cartoon characters,'' a fourth thought.

Luckily, amidst all the hate, were also positive remarks, with kind-hearted fans saying they loved the look.

Speaking of beauty going wrong, one lip filler fan was left with a pout so humongous, you could even see it behind her face mask.

Desperate to give her lips more volume, TikTok user Jessica Cailey Burko (@jessicacaileyburko), from the US, decided to fork out for fillers.

However, her dream of a juicy put soon turned into a nightmare, as she experienced severe swelling.

The mortified beauty lover, who is a fitness brand associate, took to TikTok to reveal the jaw-dropping, brutal fail – and people were lost for words.

''So I got my lips done yesterday – and something bad happened,'' she said in her video.

According to the young woman, after the appointment, her pout just kept ballooning and ballooning in size – to the point she was in tears.

''This really sucks,'' Jessica said, whilst hiding behind a face mask.

But to make matters worse, there was no point in rocking a blue face mask, as people insisted they could still see the humongous pout peeking through.

Luckily, it appears that since posting the clip on social media, the brutal swelling has calmed down and Jessica looks heaps better.

However, TikTok fans could not get over just how dramatic the look was, with many claiming it was an allergy gone wrong.

''You might be allergic to lidocaine babe, or the filler. I would definitely take an allergy test just to be safe,'' said one viewer.

''This happened to me too but it goes down, you just have extreme swelling,'' another shared their horror story.

''I got my lips done three times in three years and every time is swells like that.''

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''Oh my gosh, they look so sore, I really hope you're ok,'' someone added.

A fourth wrote: ''Nothing on earth could tempt me to risk this.''

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