I flew to Turkey to spruce up my smile – I love the final look but trolls reckon I'll hate them in just a few years | The Sun

UNLESS you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you'll know that Turkey has become the hotspot for those looking to spruce up their smile on a budget.

Amongst the thousands of Britons jetting off to these sunny coasts was also the TikTok user Krissy (@krissybritish1) – but despite being in love with the final results, people are convinced she'll grow to regret the decision in a few years.

Showing off her new pearly whites, the beauty lover took to TikTok to share her story and explain why she had made the decision to go to Turkey.

''It's something I'd always wanted to do since I was a child. Like, I knew I was gonna do my teeth since I was 15,'' Krissy said in her video.

According to her, there was always that one tooth that just kept coming out no matter what, even despite having worn braces twice and spending thousands to fix it.

This is when the young woman decided to finally go for it and get crowns abroad.

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Looking back at the footage of her filed-down gnashers, Krissy recalled feeling discomfort, which only got worse once they had popped in the temporary teeth.

''There they are… Ugly, urgh.''

But this changed the moment she saw her new smile – and she couldn't have been happier with the results, admitting she was close to tears.

Posing with her bright pearly whites, Krissy wrote in the caption: ''I cant lie this the best thing ive ever done for myself no regrets.''

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However, whilst she may be convinced this was the ''best'' decision she's made, social media users were sure she'll regret the procedure in the future.

Dozens of people flocked to comments to remind that getting crowns was not just a one-off – Krissy would have to get the smile fixed in a couple of years.

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One TikTok fan warned: ''tbh you'll regret them in 10 years cuz they'll get damaged and you'll have to recorrect the mistake.''

Another agreed, writing: ''give it about 2 years and tell us how great they are then?''

''Redicilous [ridiculous] she ruined her real teeth for no reason. They were fine,'' is how someone else felt about Krissy's decision to get crowns.

''worst mistake you can ever make,''a fourth reckoned.

The young woman is not the first one to go viral for her new teeth – earlier this year, one bloke got compared to Jim Carrey in The Mask after posing with his fake smile.

In a viral clip, which has taken the internet by storm, racking up a whopping 2.5 million views in just two days, Harry (@bigharryuk) inserted footage of his teeth that had been trimmed down to extreme levels.

Though the bloke, who's also had a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, did not reveal how much the new pearly whites cost, one site claimed that on average, beauty lovers are expecting to pay between £3,000 and £6,000.

Along the short close-ups ran text: ''Would you kiss me?'' before Harry showed off the results.

But while he appeared to love the bright veneers, viewers shared a slightly different opinion.

Rushing to comments, many took it to share their thoughts and came to a conclusion – the guy's veneers were too bright.

''I mean electic is going up so I think if you smile at the side of my bed I can still read my book [sic],'' chuckled one person.

Someone else was wondering: ''Are they also available in white?''

Another TikTok user found a striking resemblance between the now-upgraded Harry and the Friends episode where Ross had left the whitener on too for long.

It wasn't just the extremely light shade of the veneers that left people howling.

Some eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that the pearly whites – or should we say ''brights'' – looked like a ''solid line'' and didn't appear natural at all.

Harry, whose clips have amassed more than 92,000 likes on TikTok, was also compared to a horse and Jim Carrey in the 1994 blockbuster, The Mask.

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Unfortunately to Harry's disappointment, the majority of viewers didn't seem to have fallen in love with his new look, as they said they wouldn't kiss him – new teeth or not.

''No and then definitely no.''

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