I flew to Turkey to get my teeth done – first the dentist proposed & then gave me a smile that looks like Playdoh

A BEAUTY lover has been left with pearly whites that look like they've been made from Playdoh.

Looking to spruce up her smile, Aida Azizii, from London, decided to fly to Turkey – the go-to destination for many, including this bloke.

However, things didn't quite go according to her plan, as she shared the major blunder on TikTok.

In a clip, which has taken the internet by storm, racking up four million views in just one day, Aida revealed the tragic aftermath.

Sharing a close-up of her new pearly whites – composite veneers – the beauty lover urged everyone to use her experience as a lesson.

''Research before you get your teeth done.''

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But the massive and pristine white teeth, which some jokingly said had been done by Dr. Playdough, wasn't the end of Aida's incident.

''Another part the story, turns out he’s not actually a dentist but still in university,'' she revealed in a follow-up video after going viral.

According to her, hers wasn't ''a normal story', as the dentist allegedly had asked for her hand in marriage in the middle of the session.

But to make matters even more strange, Aida claimed that this ended with his assistant swearing at her because the two were engaged.

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After the failed attempt to make Aida his wife, the man responsible for Aida's new ''Lego'' teeth decided to treat her to another surprise – a free shisha.

''DONT MAKE MY MISTAKE [sic],'' she warned in the caption, describing her new smile as ''donkey buck teeth''.

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''Guys he messed my teeth up so badly I couldn’t eat, my back teeth weren’t touching, my lips dried out because I couldn’t close my mouth while sleepin [sic].''

However, whilst Aida called the experience ''character building'', some thought it had been her fault.

''no offense but why wouldn’t you research more about it? that’s like… common sense about anything you do,'' wondered one critic.

Someone else agreed, adding: ''yall keep bragging about a good deal and the discount we'll here ya go [sic].''

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Another viewed chuckled, writing: ''Those are acrylic nails I’m sorry.''

''its giving me Mr Willson vibes [sic]. Denis the Menace,'' read a comment which has been liked close to 1,500 times.

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