I earn six figures as a celeb nanny & get showered with gifts like Gucci bags & designer shoes, but there’s a down side | The Sun

A CELEBRITY nanny has revealed the pros and cons of her job – not to mention the pricey gifts she's received along the way.

Rachel Shea, who posts under the handle @rachelshea_, took to TikTok and posted a video which she captioned: "Some of the pros and cons about high-profile nannying!

"It’s definitely a very rewarding job but not always glamorous!"

In a recent clip, the celebrity nanny, who never reveals who her famous clients are, begins: "As a nanny you have to wear a lot of hats – that might be a con for some people, but for me it's a pro.

"I like to keep busy and enjoy doing lots of tasks like that even for myself at home, so for me that was a pro."

Rachel, who is on a six figure salary, goes on to say that a con for a lot of nannies can be actually working with the parents and not the kids.


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"I've been really fortunate to work for a lot of amazing, outstanding parents but it's not always that way," she says.

"Sometimes it can be harder to work with the parents than with the kids and that can be a con!"

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Next, the celeb nanny offers another pro.

"Not every day is the same," she says.

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"Some days you go to the park, some days the kids have school, some days you're doing different crafts and activities, or you're playing outside.

"It's really nice for people who like consistency but also like change in their day-to-day routine."

Rachel continues: "This isn't necessarily a con but I know it can be for some nannies, and that's working with parents who are in the house or work from home.

"The reason for that is it can be really hard to work with children when they know their parents are constantly present.

"it can also be really hard to work in an intimate setting when they're constantly around."

She goes on to explain how another con is when the kids are having a bad day.

"It happens with all kids – it's just the nature of the job," she explains.

"But dealing with temper tantrums in public if you're a nanny to more than one kid can be so anxiety-inducing."

In a second video, she then reveals a massive perk of the job – being showered with luxe presents.

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She goes on to say how she received a timeless Gucci bag for Christmas, along with a pair of designer Golden Goose trainers.

Speaking of the shoes, she admits: "I did end up returning or exchanging these because they just weren't really my style but this is what they look like!"

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