I dip cotton balls in a common household cleaner mice hate the smell of to keep them out of my home, it works a treat | The Sun

A HUMANE way to repel mice from your home has been revealed by a TikTok user.

He used a common household cleaner and it worked a treat.

It was so simple. All this repellent required was dipping cotton balls into the pungent product.

It was enough to hear the critters scuttling away.

They hate the smell, said SoAlz316 (@toolswithsoalz316), who has 86,000 followers.

In his post, he shared his easy trick for a rodent-free house.

Even better, he said it was equally effective for other nuisance creatures too: "Works for chipmunks and squirrels."

He began his post with a statement: “Easy trick to get rid of mice.

“Did you know you can keep mice out of your home with just two household ingredients?"

It was almost universally agreed that no one wanted these unwelcome visitors taking up residence in their homes.

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“Mice and rodents are better left outside as opposed to in your home.

“So what can you use that’ll get rid of them and not cause you any harm or very much cost?"

It was, he figured, perfectly simple: Pine Sol, a multi-purpose cleaning liquid.

“Mice are repelled by the smell of Pine Sol. I don’t know why, but they are."

His method was easy too: “So dip Pine Sol in some cotton balls. Leave the in areas where your kids and pets are going to be."

This was going to work, he said: “If you put those around your home, mice will stay out."

There was an added layer of security if you wanted it, he suggested.

“Seal up any cracks using expanding foam and steel wool and then use the Pine Sol.”

There were some jokers among the commenters.

This guy said: “I am also repelled by the smell of Pine Sol.”

But this person vouched for its effectiveness: “Pine Sol works great, been using it for years.”

This fan was willing to make the sacrifice: “I will take Pine Sol any day over disgusting mice.”

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And there were sobering words from this viewer. Rodents were not just a nuisance, they could cause serious damage.

“I lost my home from an electrical fire due to a rodent.”

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