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A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to reveal the ridiculous substitutions she got when ordering her weekly shop online – and people are all saying the same thing. 

Mel, known online as @trapmoneymelly, regularly shares life updates and money-saving tips with her 32,500 followers. 

In a new video, she shares what happened when she ordered an electric toothbrush and brown coconuts from her local ASDA store. 

Instead, the content creator received a 47p bottle of mouthwash and 24 kiwis. 

She said: “I literally have a question I need to ask. 

“When you do food online shopping, and an item isn’t available and they pick a substitution, is it a computer that picks it, or is it a person? 


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“Because the f****** that we experienced the other day, it just doesn’t make sense. 

“The substitution is just so far left, I don't understand it. 

“So we wanted some brown coconuts, and where I live, none of the shops sell brown coconuts. 

“So Asda does, but Asda’s not near where we live, it’s over 30 minutes drive one way. 

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“So we ordered some coconuts and then we put in an electric toothbrush just to bring the price up and it was needed, so we ordered that. 

“Now, we’re expecting an electric toothbrush and some coconuts, and what did we receive? 

“We didn’t receive an electric toothbrush. Instead, we received Just Essentials by Asda, which is a budget brand in Asda, of mouthwash. 

“Okay cool, great replacement for a £50 toothbrush. 

“And then we received one, two, three, four packets of kiwis. This is 24 kiwis in my hand right now. 

“24 kiwis. There are two people that live in my house. 

“Now, how do 24 kiwis equate to a few brown coconuts? 

“How does like a 50, 60, 70p mouthwash, how is this an acceptable substitute for a £50 electric toothbrush? 

“How the hell are we supposed to eat 24 f****** kiwis before these go off and expire? 

“Who makes these decisions? I need to know.

“Is it a computer or is it a person? Because if it’s a person, and you think a few coconuts is equivalent to 24 kiwis, we need to have words.”

She added: “I don’t even feel that the kiwis are the most insulting part of this. 

“It’s this. It’s this budget mouthwash. 

“A £54 electric toothbrush, and this came as a substitution? You could have even given me a £1 toothbrush and that would have made more sense than this.” 

Mel’s reaction attracted plenty of attention online, with the video gaining more than 20,500 likes and 239,000 views. 

In the comments, many of her followers suggested this was quite common and shared the strange swaps they've had.

One wrote: “I ordered formula for my daughter and got a pregnancy test.”

Someone else put: “Somebody ordered fresh cod fillets and got fish food flakes, like ACTUAL FOOD FOR YOUR GOLDFISH.”

Mel replied: “That is a crime.”

A third added: “I once ordered 6 apples and they gave me 6 loaves of bread … I was genuinely confused.”

Others shared their reactions, with one writing: “This is exactly why I turn the substitutes off.”

A third put: “I'm not making accusations but when I worked at an orange font store some staff made outrageous subs just for a laugh.”

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One Tesco worker took to the comments to reveal how it really works, saying: “I worked for Tesco online shopping about 15 yr ago we would be given options for subs but most of the time I picked something myself.”

Fabulous has reached out to ASDA for comment.

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