I did a huge plus size haul from Temu – I got stunning dresses for £1.11 and a coat for £2.69 | The Sun

A PLUS size woman has shown the huge haul she did from bargain website Temu, which included dresses priced from £1.11.

Rachel Windley Speckman uploaded a video showing some of the summer clothing items she picked up for affordable prices.

On her @rachel_windley_speckman TikTok account, she wrote: “Huge Temu haul.

“Was able to get some amazing deals for ya’ll!”

First up was a pretty maxi dress with a striped design that she said she paid £1.60 for.

Wiggling to the camera, Rachel showed it off with a brown hat and matching sandals.

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And an even cheaper maxi dress she bought cost her a jaw-dropping £1.11 and had a pretty blue, striped design. 

Another win was a £2.70 grey coat, which had black faux fur trim.

She also got a black pleat midi skirt for £10.50, which she paired with a long-sleeve black top and hat.

Rachel also modelled a navy, lace midi dress she got for £13.73 and a £13.70 red off-the-shoulder maxi dress.

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Many people were amazed at her Temu haul, with one saying: “You look gorgeous.”

Another added: “I have just started using Temu. then my husband found it. it's sooooooo awesome!!!!”

With the cost of living squeezing many people, some shoppers are turning to cheaper fashion alternatives like charity shops and budget retailers like Primark. 

And recently Temu has caught the attention of shoppers across the globe and has already garnered over 20 million downloads in the US this year. 

Temu is a Chinese-owned digital marketplace – essentially an online shopping app where people are connected to the retailer directly while the app takes care of the shipping element. 

The frenzy over the app is not unfounded either as it offers a seemingly endless variety of products, from fashion and make-up to phone accessories and electronics, for dirt cheap.

Pronounced “tee-moo”, the e-commerce company has 20 categories with 200 subcategories, where they sell everything for low prices. 

You can bag yourself a keychain for 88p, perfume refill bottles for 98p, blue light glasses for just over £1 or non-slip sliders that mimic Yeezy Slides, which costs over £200, for less than fiver. 

Most of it is up for sale for less than £10.

Not only do you get Temu coupons when signing up on the app, but you’ll get additional ones after placing your first order – which you can share with friends and family. 

You can also enter into a game where you simply draw a certain number of times to add credit to your account or win free gifts. 

Time-limited sales are also on almost constantly and so are shipping deals, making it an easy option for buyers to turn to.

While there's been some scepticism over the app on platforms like TikTok, Temu is legitimate. The company is owned and operated by PDD Holdings, which is a multinational commerce group. 

It’s a globalised version of its sister company Pinduoduo, which is a Chinese e-commerce company like Shein and AliExpress. 

It works with payment service providers like PayPal, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay, too, which guarantees payment security. 

Temu has 1,163 reviews on Trustpilot with an average star rating of three out of five. 

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One person raved about the app on the review website as they wrote: “Honestly, for the price I expected somewhat sub-par products (quality and description). However, I was pleasantly surprised with the products! Whoever thinks they are getting top notch, expensive clothing for these prices are out of their mind. I am very happy with shipping (lower costs with less waste), quality and description. And, the return process was SO easy!! Thank you TEMU!”

And if you’re wondering how the company is able to sell products for so cheap, it’s because they ensure the customer gets the item of their choice directly from the manufacturer rather than having a middleman involved in the equation.

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