I did a Home Bargains haul for Christmas and got the best budget gifts for my kids – they were all under £15 | The Sun

WITH Christmas just over a week away, the frantic last-minute search for presents has begun. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared her Home Bargains haul, with budget gifts for her kids – and parents are thanking her for the inspiration. 

Leanne, known online as @leanneschapman, regularly shares parenting tips with her 423,000 followers. 

In a recent TikTok video, the mum of two shares her recent Home Bargains haul, where she managed to get some great presents for her kids, James and Ava. 

“I just wanted to quickly show you a few bits I got for the kids for Christmas, mainly for their stockings. Just some little bits, there’s not a lot.  

“I just thought I’d show you because it’s cute. 


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“So I got this reindeer dust which was cute. I was going to get one and then I didn’t really want, not that Ava would argue, but would feel sad if she didn’t get to throw it. 

“So I got two. I think they were 99p. 

“I got this for Ava because she loves to colour in, but she also loves to colour in on my walls so this is a lifesaver. 

“It’s expensive for what it is, it’s £5, but obviously they’re magic pens and they only work on this paper so that’s really good. 

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“I got James this because he loves to draw and write, and it comes with a little tin thing to put all the pens in. He’s had a similar one before and he loves them. 

“I also got him a plain one with plain paper because he loves to draw. 

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“I got him this pen because he loves to write and spell and things like that now, and then a set of these because he’s got loads of colouring pens and I really didn’t need to get him anymore. 

“I then got Ava this. I just thought it was really cute. I can imagine her like this, walking around with it on her arm. 

“So cute. Obviously, you can take him out, he’s so cute. 

“Right, this is reliving my childhood. Please tell me if you had these as a kid. I had loads. 

“A Cabbage Patch Kid.; I was literally standing in the shop smelling it. It smells so lovely, but how sweet. 

“And then I got Ava this. So I had this in my basket in B&M, but they had it in there for the same price, so I got it for Ava. 

“She loves Peppa Pig, but it’s actually quite a thick box. I actually thought it was just this, and I was looking at it and thought ‘will they break?’ 

“But it’s got little straighteners, lipstick which she loves. Brush, hairclips, that and that. 

“And then when I turned it around, it actually opens up like a little vanity table with a mirror, and you can put them all in there. 

“She always tries to grab my makeup when I’m doing makeup upstairs, so I thought this was lovely.

“So I had to get it. It was in my basket so I was already thinking about getting it so I just did. 

“Then for Christmas wrapping paper this year, I usually stick with my silver or grey theme, or white. 

“But this year, I don’t care about colour. I just thought it would be easier to give the kids a coloured wrapping paper that is theirs, so I know all those presents are Ava’s, and all those presents are for James. 

“My mum used to do that with us because I’m one of four. 

“So Ava’s got this lovely pink one and I got two. They’re 99p for ten metres in Home Bargains, that is so good. 

“And then James has got this little gingerbread house one.”

In the comments, Leanne confirmed the Cabbage Patch Kid was £5 and the Peppa Pig Vanity Set was £14.99.

Fans loved mum’s budget haul, with the video gaining more than 7000 likes and 165,000 views. 

In the comments, Leanne’s followers raved about some of her choices, with one writing: “Water wow colouring books are fab because they’re are the same as the mess-free but also reusable!”

Another said: “You’re soo good, I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

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A third agreed with her decision to give each child a specific wrapping paper, which also cuts the need for tags. 

She added: “I do the same with the wrapping paper and I got these exact two wrapping papers for the kids lol so lovely.”

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