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PLANNING a bachelorette party is no easy task, but a luxury party planning service has made it ten times easier for brides.

Bach to Basic CEO Allison Ohdner, also known as the "Bach Boss," has shared in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun what makes her business rise above the competition.

Allison Odhner has grounded herself as a force to be reckoned with in the event industry, planning everything from fundraisers to elaborate galas and networking events.

Soon after, the 36-year-old left her former corporate life as a nonprofit event planner and took her ten years of experience with her to make her hobby her career.

Established in 2017, she started Bach to Basic and her team has since expanded from a one-woman job to include two seasoned party planners.

In an exclusive interview, she shared how she has successfully operated her all-inclusive luxury bachelorette party planning service for six years and what sets them apart.

As an event planner, she planned all of her friend's bachelorette parties and even her own in Nashville, Tennesee.

"I did Nashville when it was becoming cool," she said.

Bach to Basic provides all-inclusive and detail-oriented services at premium price points.

"At the time, this concept wasn’t a thing. We've been fun and different," she explained.

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They have always offered to plan a bachelorette experience in any destination, but in the past year and a half, they have been heavily breaking into the luxury market.

Odhner said that they book everything from accommodations to meals to destination transportation to decoration and setup.

There is a vetting process before taking on potential clients and it has to be mutually beneficial.

The event needs to be two to three months out when the bridal party reach out, and they "don't love" taking events closer than that, Odhner said.

First, the client submits an inquiry on their site.

Upon receipt by the company, they send out an informational email with a detailed packet full of prices, services, and expectations.

Afterward, they do a call to see if it’s a good fit for both groups.

There is an upfront planning service fee to enlist their services, so failure to complete that payment would be the only reason why the client isn't booked.

If all goes well and it's within the potential bridal parties' budget, they then propose different themes and ideas.

Some of their top locations are Miami, Scottsdale, Tulum, Austin, Charleston, Las Vegas, and more.

They have planned in over 80 locations and are always looking to travel to more.

The only thing they don’t handle is flights because costs vary, and people traditionally travel from different places.

"We see a lot of clients who love to be near the beach or a body of water," she said. "We propose untapped destinations but most want to be near water."

The average cost without flights is about $1,000 to $1,500 per person for their tier one level and can go up to $5,000 for their VIP level.

Costs can increase more based on specific accommodations.

Some of the most popular and expensive add-ons are in-house catering and private chef experiences, whether in their lodging or on a boat.

Having the luxury of a boat in any form is extremely popular.

According to Odhner, people splurge on things they wouldn't typically do because it gives a more elevated experience.

Winery tours, luxury picnics, yoga, or fitness-based activities, in general, are normally on a bachelorette weekend itinerary.

Bottle service is extremely expensive in bigger cities like Las Vegas or Miami, and more expensive alcohol choices will certainly drive up costs.

Meals within a nightclub vary from $250 per person to $400 or more, depending on what type of bottle service the bachelorette group wants to have.

"Bottle service is $3,000 minimum to $10,000 and that does not include tips or gratuity," the Bach Boss shared.

Private chef experiences in Miami and Las Vegas are typically a two-for-one because dinners normally transition into nightclubs.

In Miami, a private yacht will cost anywhere from $2,500 for a four-hour excursion to $10,000 depending on the boat style and how big it is.

Bach to Basic gets a lot of yacht requests in places like Cabo or Tulum, but smaller boat rides are less of an expense.

There are a number of things that set Bach to Basic apart from other events companies.

Since Odhner founded the company, similar businesses with similar models have popped up, but they differentiate themselves in a big way.

One service that sets apart is the on-site concierge program.

"Literally no one else is offering an extremely luxurious service, where a member of the team is on-site to do decorations, manage alcohol, and individual events."

They are there to put special touches and make sure everyone is having a good time the whole trip.

An on-site concierge add-on feature is almost double the typical fee and is not a cheap splurge.

Odhner wants people to keep in mind that most brides end up paying more for the group wedding coordinator for a day than the person on site for the bachelorette weekend.

Some people do think bachelorettes are becoming too much and too expensive.

"It’s not necessary but it’s fun and it is definitely a trend because people who are looking to take on this type of expense are looking for a bachelorette party and want a full-blown vacation," she said.

"I do think people are getting married later and are more financially stable and a 30+ person will spend more," she added.

When asked if bachelorette party attendees still pay for the bride in these expensive situations, Ohdner admitted that it varied and came down to personal finances.

"We actually see a lot of brides splitting a portion of the trip and brides paying as a thank you," she said.

She divulged that there are some brides who are "Type A and have the funds to go all out," and there are others who "want to alleviate stress and be perfect."

On the flip side, they've seen where the maid of honor, sister, or a mother has the financial ability and wants to make the trip exactly what the bride is looking for.

Not all brides are created equal and Odhner shared some memorable bridezilla moments.

The Bach to Basic team has dealt with almost every kind of bride, like one that sends ten emails a day to another that needs constant check-ins.

The party planner says they also kind of serve as a therapist but "are used to it at this point."

With the concierge service being in play, they've received a fair share of more in-depth, sometimes crazy, and also rewarding stories.

"We've had to escort a few ladies home, replace a limo driver because of a broken aux cord scene, had groups show up extremely late and are disappointed with their limited service," she remarked.

Odhner actually shared a specific instance where the on-site concierge was a game changer.

"There was one event where the bride's husband was on tour and at 3 am, while she was out, the tour bus crashed," she said.

"She ended up grabbing her belongings and leaving."

The team member had to help pack everything up and be a resource for the group on their final day.

"It was just alarming and scary and I didn’t know the exact situation," she admitted.

When asked if she thought the bachelorette was more important than the wedding, Odhner had this to say.

"I think truthfully they are equally as important but not 100 years from now," she said.

"I love supporting women supporting each other. A group of people traveling and coming together to celebrate a person for a weekend or night."

For her, the bachelorette is an important part of the wedding process.

"It means something and is special and is a cool experience to have all your favorite people in the same place supporting you," she added.

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Allison Odhner and her Bach to Basic party planning team are definitely on the right track.

This year their annual gross revenue was just under $1 million, despite being only six years in business.

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