I caught my boyfriend cheating using a genius trick – and everyone loves the revenge I got on him | The Sun

A TIKTOKER has revealed the genius way she discovered her boyfriend was cheating.

Disney influencer Kayla Gardner shared the tale of how she caught her unfaithful partner while they were on a cruise ship.

The Tiktoker explained that her boyfriend told her he would go to get something to eat when her friend spotted him on the cruise ship's security cameras.

Kayla said: "The most gut-wrenching, heart-racing moment in life is when you're on a cruise and your man says he's hungry, he's gonna go get some food so you stay behind in the cabin to get ready with your friend.

"And she's flipping through the TV when she comes through a channel that shows you what's happening live.

"And she notices your man. Not getting food but getting another woman's number, flirting with her, putting his arm around her."

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The TikToker couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her partner talking to another woman live on TV.

In a second clip, Kayla and her friend can be seen looking at the TV which shows the ship's pool deck area.

The pair spot Kayla's boyfriend who is talking to another woman before placing his arm on her shoulder.

"Stop that’s the girl, oh my God, oh my God, this is not happening," Kayla screams.

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In another video, the woman can be seen leaning her head on the man's shoulder as Kayla runs towards the door to go and catch them.

She tells her friend "I'll be right back."

Although it remains unknown what exactly happened afterwards, Kayla shared an update titled "Cheating aftermath."

The video shows her throwing her ex’s clothes outside her apartment window.

TikTokers were supportive and praised her for the trick.

One said: "Oh girl … I don’t know whether or not to congratulate you both on being a genius or apologise."

Someone wrote: "I’m so stressed right now and it’s not even my boyfriend."

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