I can't stop buying Skims – Kim Kardashian owns my bank account, I'll be getting the bottoms in more colors | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA has revealed her newest obsession, saying she can't stop purchasing from Skims.

The style pro went as far as to say that Kim Kardashian owns her bank account now.

Katie Raymond (@katiehub.org) filmed herself unboxing the newest purchase in a video on TikTok.

"I ordered more Skims," she said. "I can't stop, I'm addicted."

She shared a basic closet staple — a white tank top, but first she compared it to one she already had in her wardrobe.

"I got a new tank top. OK, it's just a regular tank top. No, I'll show you a regular tank top. Take a look at this," she raved, emphasizing how the Skims version fit her better.

She also modeled a pair of black sweatpants from the line.

"I also got these sweatpants. I will be ordering these in every color now," she said.

Katie revealed that she will be purchasing more from the famed clothing line.

"Thanks, Kim Kardashian. You own my bank account at this point," she added.

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She modeled the Skims Cotton Rib tank top, $36, and the Boyfriend Fleece pant, $72.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Kim Kardashian, your Skims are too good," one wrote.

"Snatched girl," another added.

"There is nothing better than Skims I swear to God," a third commented.

"I know. I love Skims," yet another wrote. "My closet is full of Skims, so now my husband needs to check my credit card."

"First world problems," one more chimed in. "I’m with you."

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