I buy my food from car boot sales – you have to be savvy and check the dates but there’s some huge bargains | The Sun

WITH the cost of food constantly increasing some people have turned to options other than supermarkets to stock their fridges and pantries.

For some this has even led to food shopping at car boot sales. Yes, you may be able to find people selling foods at these – just be sure to check the items before purchasing.

This top tip was shared to TikTok by @carbootisfull, who regularly posts about great deals found at car boot sales, and elsewhere.

Showing a range of food on sale, this bargain hunter says: “Tell me, have you ever bought food from a car boot sale? There’s often some great bargains. Do check the expiry date, but I have picked up the odd good thing.”

In the video’s comment section, other people shared their experiences with purchasing food at car boot sales, with many sharing that they actually bought some expired items.

“I was at a car boot sale the other day, and they were selling pop from 2017,” reads one comment, although the user seems to suggest that they, smartly, did not actually purchase the drink.


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Another commenter, however, did purchase an expired fizzy drink: “I bought a world cup coca cola, it was out of date by 4 years, it was alright.”

While not food, another user wrote: “I bought moisturiser that went off in 1997.”

This may not be advisable though as in another comment they add: “Unfortunately I got purpura and had to go to hospital.”

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One user shared that while they wouldn’t purchase tinned food, and other such items they have previously bought fresh items from specific traders: “I wouldn't buy food bank stuff but I've bought from regular traders such as bakery goods and mobile butchers.”

Another TikToker shared their experiences of working at a car boot sale, writing: “Use to work on a stall that sold past best before sweets and snacks. One of the best times of my life working at a car boot!”

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