I bought my daughter a Pandora haul for Xmas – I was stunned when she opened the boxes & people say I’m not the only one | The Sun

IMAGINE buying your loved one some beautiful jewellery, only for the boxes to be empty on Christmas Day.

That’s just what happened to one heartbroken mum when she bought her daughter Christmas gifts from Pandora. 

Phillippa Gaskin went to wrap the presents before the big day, only to discover that all of the jewellery boxes were empty. 

The British mum, who works as a lash technician, says she ‘has questions’ for the popular high street jeweller and doesn’t understand how they could send out gift boxes without the gifts inside. 

She’s taken to her TikTok channel to share her sad story across three videos.

Phillippa visited Pandora’s Trinity Leeds store to buy multiple gifts for her daughter.

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She even paid to have them individually wrapped and it didn’t cross her mind to check the boxes to see if the items she bought were in there. 

In the first clip, the disappointed mum is surrounded by empty Pandora boxes on her carpet.

She opens a box and lifts the little bag of silica gel to reveal absolutely nothing. 

“How have I gone to Pandora and bought my daughter some stuff, and the boxes are empty?” she asks. 

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Phillippa pans her camera across the floor to show multiple empty boxes and a giant Pandora bag alongside some unused wrapping paper. 

Zooming in on each open box she exclaims: “Empty, empty, empty. How?

“How is it empty? Pandora, I have questions.”

In another video, the mum films her daughter opening the empty boxes on Christmas morning. 

She captioned the clip: “Empty boxes from Pandora. Merry crimbo to you. Sad little girl at Christmas.” 

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It seems Phillippa and her daughter weren’t the only people to be left empty-handed by the high street chain. 

“No way?! This is the third video I’ve seen like this?!” exclaimed one shocked user. 

“This the 4th video about Pandora I have seen today,” claimed a second. 

“Did you not check before you left the store?” asked a third. 

And Phillippa responded: “No. I paid for a service as I’ve bought from them before and never had a problem and I expect people to do their job.”

And a fourth replied: “Happened me twice in Pandora, once in Germany and once in Ireland.”

Another suggested Pandora must be ‘off their game’ this year: “I ordered 2 charms and only got one gift box…have heard a few complaints, they seem to be a bit off this year.”

Other users were desperately sad for the mum and daughter and tried to suggest where the jewellery could be hiding.

“Lift the foam out in the lid maybe,” suggested one woman.

“Did you lift the layering inside out? I thought mine was empty till I found it inside the layering,” said another. 

But no, all three of Phillippa’s boxes were empty and it’s worrying shoppers.

“Omg I’m worried now I’ve just ordered 5 items from the Pandora sale. The boxes better not be empty. I will be videoing me opening it just in case,” replied one anxious user.

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Thankfully, Phillippa and her daughter headed back to their local Pandora shop and the team were happy to replace the missing jewellery.

The Sun has reached out to Pandora for comment. 

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