I bagged Easter Eggs worth over £30 for just £2 – people are astonished when they realise how, that’s this year sorted | The Sun

A BARGAIN-HUNTING mum has revealed she’s managed to nab a selection of Easter Eggs worth £30 for just a fraction of the price. 

Kelsey Heward is mum to her toddler son Lennon and in a bid to make this Easter a memorable one, she entered a raffle for £2. 

To her delight, she won and bagged 20 massive boxes of Easter Eggs from affordable to high-end brands, including Galaxy, m&ms, and Maltesers.

Other brands that sent her their own Easter Eggs include KitKat, Smarties, Cadbury, Kinder, Thorntons and Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

“Thats lennon sorted for easter,” [sic] she wrote in the caption, adding: “cost me £2 to enter too!” [sic]

It appears this isn’t the first time Kelsey has won a raffle either.


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After one person revealed that she never gets chosen but has a neighbour who enters them all the time, she replied: “It’s ace! I have won a few now! 

“Won 48 cream eggs!” 

And when one TikTok user asked where she entered, @kelseyheward revealed that she found it on a Facebook group. 

Others were impressed by her find and urged her to send some to them this year. 

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“Wow send some my way haha,” they wrote with several heart emojis. 

While another joked: “Gamble responsibly”. 

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