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MANY cleaning fans enjoy this time of year when we have a little more time to deep clean our homes and really get into those neglected spaces. 

Spring cleaning is great but when the sun comes out in summer you can really see what areas of your home need some TLC.

But at what point would you consider it to be an obsession?

One self-confessed cleaning addict has shared all the places she likes to mop but some people say she’s taking it too far. 

The cleaning fan who goes by @.cleaningaddict loves scrubbing her home to perfection. 

She is regularly seen with a scrub daddy sponge and some detergent scrubbing and mopping her floors.

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In fact there's one usual area of her home this cleaning fan likes to mop… her ceilings.  

She took to TikTok to show her followers exactly how she cleans them.

The cleaning uses a standard mop and bucket to clean both her walls and her ceilings. 

She said: “Today I decided to clean my walls. I don’t remember the last time I did this.”

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Afterwards she poured the dirty water left in her bucket from cleaning her walls and ceiling. 

Safe to say it was grim….


The cleaning fan described it as an: “The water dump..”

The video went viral with over 1.5 million views. 

Many people were confused as to why the cleaning fan was mopping their ceiling and claimed it was too much. 

One user asked: “Won’t this cause mould?”

Another said: “Y’all clean walls??”

However many other TikTok users said they too regularly cleaned their walls. 

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One user said: “I love the fresh clean smell after don't you?”

Another said: “Me currently questioning if my ceiling is clean.”

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