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A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to reveal what happened when she tried to bleach her hair at home – even admitting that her locks felt like 'soggy noddles'. 

Aimee, known online as @aimeegibbonsxx, regularly shares life updates with her 2,900 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator explains how, despite doing her colour herself during the lockdowns, this attempt didn’t quite go to plan. 

Instead, the bleach fried her hair and caused it to snap in various places.

“Basically, as you can see in the picture, this was hours before, so I really didn’t need to dye my hair again. 

“But at the time, I swear I was suffering from something called ‘blonde dysmorphia’. 


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“Girl, I know that you can all relate to me if you bleach your hair or if you’ve got blonde hair. 

“I swear that this is an actual thing, because every time I was blonde, I never felt blonde enough. 

“Like I’d go to the salon and come out like, ‘it’s still not blonde enough’ and it was. 

“So my roots are even that dark, but off I went that day…off I went to Boots, bought myself a bleaching kit. 

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“So got home that night, put the bleaching kit all over my roots, and then spread it over my ends. 

“Because I’ve done this myself many times in lockdown, I clearly thought that I was so type of professional hairdresser which I clearly wasn’t. 

“So I didn’t actually realise what I’d done until I washed it off. 

“So at the time when the colour was on, it didn’t feel any different. There was no itching, there was no burning, it just felt like normal. 

“So then I went off into the shower, washed my hair as a normally would. 

“But when I was in the shower, I could feel the texture of my hair and it was all coming out in my hands. 

“And at that moment it was when it clicked like, ‘oh my god, you have screwed up here’. 

“It literally felt like a soggy noodle texture. It was vile. 

“You could rub it together in your hands and it was like, rubbing apart. It was like goo, it had softened completely. 

“It was literally snapping off at the roots.” 

Aimee then shares a picture of what her hair looked like the next day – a mixture of blonde and yellow, with some sparser patches. 

She continued: “I made a massive mistake as well…of brushing my hair straight off, out the shower. 

“I didn’t take care of my hair – I didn’t realise what hair care was. 

“So I brushed my hair, naturally like you would, and it was just brushing out in clumps.” 

For the next few days, Aimee did various hair masks, as recommended by a family friend who was a hairdresser.  

She was then forced to cut her hair to just below her collarbone, before leaving it to recover for five months. 

In another video, the content creator shared a message for her followers, adding: “The biggest regret and the take-home lesson from it was don’t do it at home. 

“Unless you are a professional or you know what you are doing, don’t take that risk.”

Aimee’s at-home fail attracted plenty of attention online, with the video gaining more than 4,800 likes and 144,500 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I LOVE having blonde hair, but it destroyed my hair. I'm surprised I didn't go bald. but I can relate to this so much. 

Another said: “Not me thinking that was bean sprouts.”

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A third wrote: “Ramen noodles.”

Someone else put: “Blonde dysmorphia is a real thing I started out wanting to be lighter blonde and now I've ended up bright silver its never the right shade.”

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