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CLEANING your fish tank is important to keep it looking as great as ever and have a good environment for the fish to live in.

It can be a headache too, but not anymore, thanks to our simple guide on how to deep-clean a fish tank.

How to deep-clean a fish tank in a few simple steps

It's normal to look at the fish tank and wonder where to start.

But here we will break it down for you to make it more simple.

Before we start, you should know that you do not need to remove the fish from your tank to clean it.

As long as you do it carefully and slowly, your fish will survive the deep clean.

Clean the inside of your glass

Grab a brand new cleaning cloth and start by cleaning the inside of your glass.

It is important that the cloth is new to lessen the risk of it having any dust or fibres on it which might harm or kill your fish.


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It's best to wear some long waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

If there's a bit of algae or grime that you cannot remove, simply use a scraper.

Clean the decorations

Fill a bucket with warm water – do not use any soap as this can be harmful to your fish.

Remove the decorations from inside the tank and give them a good clean in the warm water.

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While some algae might make them look nice, be careful not to let them be overtaken by it because it can damage your decoration plus make your tank even dirtier.

You can use bleach instead of soap, just create a mixture of 10 per cent bleach and 90 per cent water.

Soak your decorations for about 10 to 15 minutes and leave them to dry while you do the following steps.

Trim the plants

It's best if you start keeping a pair of scissors just for tank use.

If you have any plants in the tank, trim them a bit so that they do not take over your tank.

If the plants are too grown, they can limit light and oxygen to your fish.

Clean the gravel

Grab a gravel vacuum and clean the sand, rocks and gravel in your tank.

It should be easier to do so with the decorations out and the plants trimmed.

Change some of the water

Siphon 25 to 40 per cent of the water into a bucket.

Replace it with fresh, treated water and make sure that it is at the same temperature as that already in the tank.

Check or clean your filter.

It is recommended that you do not clean the filter at the same time you're cleaning the tank.

When you clean the tank, you disturb beneficial bacterial colonies that terminate toxins.

The filter contains these beneficial bacterial colonies.

That is why you should keep your filter in for one or two weeks after the deep clean.

This way it helps keep the ecosystem stable and avoid triggering an ammonia spike.

Decor your tank again

Now that the area in your tank is clean, you can place your decorations again.

If you took the fish out while replacing the water, you can safely return them too.

Clean the outside of your tank

Wipe clean the outside of your tank including the lid, stand and lights.

You can use a dry cloth and some cleaning spray for it.

Why is my fish tank water cloudy?

The most common reason why your water is cloudy is probably that you're overfeeding the fish.

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The uneaten food will decompose and cause cloudiness.

Having way too many fish in your tank can cause the water to get cloudy too.

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