How I Express Myself Through Style — It's All in the Accessories

When it comes to clothes, I don’t have an easy figure to fit. I’m curvy and short, so a lot of trends I want to wear, I either can’t or I have to figure out a twist I can put on it to make it work. In the end, I usually fall back on mostly basic staple fashion pieces, which means my accessories are where I really let my personality out.

Because shopping for clothes is sometimes hard for me and because I don’t always want to call attention to what I’m wearing, I have a lot of statement shoes, bags, and jewelry. My sneaker collection is large, to say the least, and includes a variety of colors and styles. I like to think of myself as a fun person, so I like when at least one piece of each outfit reflects that. It’s why you can usually find me wearing a gorgeous sneaker with my basic jeans and tee.

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