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IT'S devastating to pull out the fancy coat that you bought years ago, only to find it mauled by moths.

This is how to prevent the annoying insects from taking over your clothes.

How to get rid of moths

Moths in your wardrobe is the biggest crime against fashion since Jodie Marsh stepped out in two strategically placed belts and called it a top.

The first thing to know when fighting the good fight is that if you spot a moth in your house – it's probably not a clothes moth.

The kind that nibble on your knickers actually hate light so you're unlikely to see them flapping about.

In fact, it's not the adult clothes moth that eats your clothes but the larvae produced from the eggs they lay.

These are some ways you can get rid of moths:

Clean regularly

Manage the moths by making sure you keep things clean.

The insects thrive when there are food spills or other enticing scents so make sure you have a deep clean regularly to keep them at bay.

In a similar vein vacuuming regularly will do wonders for keeping the pests away.

If worst comes to absolute worst and you just can't shift the aerial eaters you may have to call in the exterminators.



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Cedar wood

If you're buying a wardrobe or some other new furniture, try to keep in mind that cedar wood deters moths.

If you're into vintage, you'll enjoy having cedar wood chests and furniture even more.

If you're not looking for new furniture, you can put blocks of it in your wardrobe.

This wood is known to be a good repellent to keep moths away.


Our favourite of the options is a cheeky sprig of lavender – not only will it smell like a dewy morning in the French countryside but it'll also repel those clothes moths.

You can purchase lavender sachets to put in your wardrobe and keep the moths away.

How to stop moths from eating clothes?

To stop moths from eating your clothes, you should try and make sure that they do not enter your wardrobe first.

Make sure that the clothes in the wardrobe are clean.

Wash them after you wear them, and before putting them back in the wardrobe.

If moths invade one piece of clothing which is outside, and then you put it in your wardrobe, then you're basically granting them access.

Another important factor is how you store away your clothes.

If you're packing away your clothes for the winter it's a good idea to wash anything that you've worn to make sure there are no moth and beetle eggs lurking in the material.

Packing your clothes in plastic bags and airtight boxes is also a great way to maximise your chances of making it through the winter alive.

Don't use cardboard boxes as moths will eat through them.



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Who's the daddy?

Are daddy long-legs actually spiders?

Do moths bite and are they dangerous?

No, they do not, in fact, they do not even have a mouth.

Feeding is not their priority.

Their only job is to reproduce and lay eggs before they die.

Clothes moth larvae cause damage to clothes, not adults.

Why are moths attracted to light?

All insects are attracted to light because they confuse the animals' navigational system and for them, it is a point of reference.

Light is something that they recognise and so they will go to it whenever they find it.

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