Here’s How To Fold Clothes Exactly Like Marie Kondo From ‘Tidying Up’

If there were anything that sounded even less appealing than cleaning up your own closet, it’d be sitting at home watching other people clean their closet spaces. However, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is exactly what people are chilling with on Netflix. Learning how Marie Kondo folds clothes may not sound exciting at first, but it’s something like experiencing ASMR within your wardrobe.

The tidying expert recently released the show on Netflix, of which she is an executive producer, and it explores the homes of American families cluttered with keepsakes in need of organizing. Kondo visits each home on a weekly basis, bringing nothing but her trusty translator and her enthused spirit to teach her KonMari method to keep every home neat while appreciating the belongings as a whole.

Even if you’ve never had a fashion retail job in your life, folding clothes and making sure they stayed folded was grueling enough for your adolescent years. However, Kondo’s basic folding technique makes the task less of a chore and more therapeutic.

In the first episode of the home improvement series, Kondo introduces the first family to her basic folding technique, suited for various types of everyday clothes. Not to mention, it’s so easy even Kondo’s three-year-old daughter can do it.

One thing Kondo notes in every episode is that you shouldn’t go straight for the basket of freshly dried clothes when you begin folding. If you’re truly going to commit to the art of tidying, the first step in committing to a clean closet is pulling every item of clothing you own. After dumping it into one pile, you’ll eliminate the things you don’t want anymore.

As Kondo explains it in the show, touching each item of clothing and determining if it "sparks joy" for you will make it easier to identify what should stay or go. Kondo compares the spark of joy feeling to the way you might feel when you hold a puppy or wear your favorite outfit. If you just thought about what that looks like and smiled, you’ve got the gist of it, sis.

For the clothing that doesn’t spark joy for you, thank the clothes (yes, really) for being a part of your life and bag it up.

When you’ve finally kept everything you want, thats when you can get down to business.

The key to a good fold is the love and care you show to each item. If you decided to keep one item over another, then you’ve got to throw a little TLC on it, and you’ll communicate that when laying your palms over your clothes to flatten out any creasing.

Fold both sides evenly as well as the sleeves as shown in the above, and press out any wrinkles with your palms.

Once the item is in the shape of a smooth rectangle, fold your item in half like Kondo does here.

You’ll then fold your half of a shirt into a third, and then another third, so that it’s one compact square.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll know you’ve folded it correctly once the item can stand on its own.

Folding and tidying isn’t everyone’s cup o’ Joe, but for fashionistas, taking time to love and appreciate your clothes sure is.

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