Heartbroken mum in tears after friend asks her to RETURN the blanket she buried her dead baby to give to another pal

A HEARTBROKEN mum who suffered a stillbirth endured more pain after her friend allegedly asked her to give back the gifts she bought the child.

The so-called friend had no shame in requesting the gifted items back, including a blanket the grieving mum planned on burying her dead baby in.

Posting to Reddit, the woman claimed that her friend had bought her son a soft fleece blanket, cuddly elephant, booties, some clothes and a singing toy for when he was born, according to Kidspot.

But tragically, she revealed he was born at just 29 weeks and didn't survive.

In the Reddit post, which has since been removed,the woman shared screen shots of what appears to be a conversation between her and her Friend on Facebook messenger.

The woman claimed that just a week after losing her baby she received a message from her friend asking if her son, who she'd supposedly named Benjamin, had used or touched any of the gifts she'd bought him.

She continued to say that if he hadn't she'd like them back so that she could give them to someone else which would save a little cash over Christmas.

After listing what her friend had supposedly bought, the mum reportedly said: "I didn't ask for these things, as I said they were gifts."

In the screenshot, it appears the woman reached out to her grieving friend, and said: "Hey, hun just wondering if u used the bits n bobs I got for the baby?"

And continued: "If not I can give them to Laura's little one. Hope your ok and resting up hun?"

I'm not doing OK, I'm heartbroken.

Before the devastated mum even got a chance to reply, another message followed: "Let me know hun before I buy more stuff, save a bit of money before Xmas, you know how it is."

Evidently shocked, the mother finally replied with: "I'm not doing OK, I'm heartbroken."

She continued: "I can't believe you're asking me at the moment, but yes I still have the things except for the blanket, he will be buried with it because it is warm and I thought it was stunning. I mean… I hope that's OK for you?!?"

Unfortunately, the persistent woman kept pushing and explained that she "needed to know before I spend anymore".

And said: "Is there a chance you have another blanky for him babe?

She quickly followed with a show of support for her grieving friend and said that she's 'there' for her friend if she really needed her.

Ignoring her friend's outrageous request, the woman followed up AGAIN, and said: "What if I popped round tomorrow? I can pick it up then babe."

Furious, the mum hit back with: "No! Don't come here, please. The blanket is in with Benjamin!

Is there a chance you have another blanky for him babe?

"You can have the rest (of the things) I'll drop them off at yours, don't even think of coming here. My husband is fuming with these messages you are sending me a week after I lose my baby.

"They're packed in a bag… I'll leave them at yours. The blanket is with Benjamin he is having 'use' out of it thank you very much."

Adding insult to injury, the woman even asked the mother for money to cover the cost of the blanket if she wasn't going to return it.

Needless to say, people didn't react to well after reading the exchange on Reddit.

"Imagine harassing a grieving mother over stuff that amounts to pocket change," one person wrote.

"I hope the woman blocks her out of her life entirely," wrote another. "Wow… what a garbage human."

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