Half of all users compare themselves to others on social media – and loads worry they don't measure up | The Sun

Half of social media users have compared themselves to others on the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

The study revealed people see how they stack up when it comes to holidays, weight loss, and fashion outfits.

Relationships, home renovations and career developments are other ways adults see how they are doing on social media.

While weddings, hairstyles and back gardens also featured in the list.

But 17 per cent feel under pressure to live the ‘perfect life’ due to social media, despite 52 per cent admitting people only post the things they want others to see on their profiles.

As a result, 22 per cent of the 2,000 social media users polled embrace the trend of 'Instagram vs Reality’ and think no one's life is as perfect as it ever seems online.


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Emma Wright, from RESCUE UK, which commissioned the research, said: “Even though there are plenty of good things about social media, it can also be a big source of pressure and stress.

“When we look at other peoples’ lives through a filtered and curated lens, it’s only natural that we start to compare with our own lives and feel we are not quite measuring up.

"But it’s so important not to get too carried away with what we see online and remember that life paints a much bigger picture.”

The study also found a quarter of those polled are likely to post about the food they have cooked, books they’ve read and the TV shows they’ve watched.

And two in 10 are likely to post about their wedding day photos or family members who have passed away.

Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) compare themselves with their current friend groups and family members on social media, with 48 per cent often obsessing over celebrity profiles online.

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But while 22 per cent feel inspired when using social media, a quarter admit to feeling self-conscious.

As a result, 26 per cent have felt the need to eat healthier and two in 10 have been inspired to redecorate their home.

Another 17 per cent have also felt the urge to buy a house of their own after seeing where others live via social media, and 15 per cent have even considered purchasing a new car.

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms to use – with the average person spending 57 minutes a day online.

But this has left many struggled to make time for exercise (37 per cent), personal wellbeing (34 per cent), and family time (30 per cent).

Despite 42 per cent of those polled via OnePoll being happy with their current lifestyle, the study also found 19 per cent admitted seeing how others seemingly live on social media makes them re-think their routine.

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And 35 per cent of those with children are concerned about their own kids comparing themselves with others in the future.

Because of this, 39 per cent think it is important to show the real side of parenting as well as all the perfect moments online.

Emma Wright, from RESCUE UK, added: “Social media can make people feel they have to have every part of their life together.

“But life isn’t a picture-perfect Instagram feed.

"True balance is not about stretching our days to fill in more tasks so that we end up multi-tasking to our limits; instead, it’s about creating time for ourselves for our personal wellbeing.

"After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup”.

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  1. Holidays/travelling
  2. Weight loss/muscle bulking
  3. Fashion/outfits
  4. Couples
  5.  Clean/tidy homes
  6. Home renovations
  7.  Careers
  8. Make-up
  9. Weddings
  10. Hair styles/hair cuts
  11. New home announcements
  12. Gardens
  13. Others in swimwear
  14. Interiors e.g. organized bookshelves
  15. Baking/cooking
  16. Engagement announcements
  17. Parties e.g. balloon arches
  18. Studies/education
  19. Car
  20. Pregnancy announcements
  21. Children’s achievements
  22. Sports skills
  23. Birth stories
  24. Children smiling for photos
  25. Children learning to walk/ talk

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