Gracie McGraw, 23, Is All Smiles While Rocking High-Waisted Bikini On Family Vacation

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s family is on a tropical getaway, and the pair’s eldest daughter, Gracie, was all smiles in the latest bikini pic she posted to her Instagram.

Gracie McGraw, is spending some quality time with her family during a winter getaway to some warmer weather, and she looks like she’s having a blast. The 23-year-old took to Instagram on Dec. 29 to share a new photo of herself from the vacation. In the pic, she’s wearing a high-waisted bikini, with the camera tilted down to show off the full upper half of her body.

Earlier this year, Gracie opened up about her body insecurities and how she grew to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. In October, she posted a series of close-up photos and videos of herself in a bikini, where she fully embraced her stretch marks and “rolls” in front of the camera. Along with the pics, she shared an inspiring message about body positivity with her thousands of followers.

“We are constantly learning how to love and evolve,” Gracie wrote. “I remember times when I wouldn’t eat in public because I was scared of what people would think or I would only wear baggy clothes to hide my body so I didn’t even have to look at it. I was always deemed as ‘unhealthy’ because I had a little more weight on me, which really made me question myself more and more. In reality, I was actually a healthy person, but what was truly unhealthy about me was the way I was thinking.”

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