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HE'S just confirmed he's expecting a baby at the age of 89 and billionaire Bernie Ecclestone is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to his very extravagant lifestyle either.

The F1 legend is expecting his fourth baby with stunning wife Fabiana Flosi, 44, and confirmed to Swiss newspaper Blick that it will be his first son.

"Yes, it is due in the summer. Hopefully he’ll learn to play backgammon soon!" Bernie, who is already father to daughters Deborah, 65, Tamara, 35, and Petra, 31, told the newspaper.

The couple, who are currently in coronavirus isolation at their home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, married in 2012 – three years after he divorced Croatian model Slavica Radic.

And they share a very luxurious life together, with Flosi regularly posting photos on Instagram of them on holiday in beautiful hotels around the world, relaxing together in one of their multiple homes, or enjoying exclusive F1 trips and glitzy, star-studded parties.

Here we take a glimpse inside their glamorous life…

Surfing the waves & Alpine high life

From ski breaks to sunny holidays in some of the world's most beautiful destinations, it's fair to say Ecclestone and Flosi enjoy quite the jet-setting lifestyle.

Brazilian lawyer Flosi regularly shares photos – both with and without her husband – as she soaks up the sun in hotels abroad.

And it seems she's quite the adventurous globe-trotter too.

While she's shared a stream of skiing photos in the past, appearing quite the pro, she's also a keen wakesurfer and has shared videos and photos as she's towed through the water, before surfing on the wake behind it.

Just recently she shared a sunny photo with her husband on the beach as they celebrated their anniversary together.

Catching the sun thought this beautiful water 💦👙💖#ibiza

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And directly before that, she shared a snap in some crystal blue waters in Ibiza, laying back in a white bikini in the waves.

The pair appear to arrive for their holidays in style too, and while Flosi rarely shares photos from inside Ecclestone's private jet, she's added snaps of her very pampered dog relaxing in its own seat onboard.

Empire of yachts, homes & helicopters

Ecclestone has not only built up quite the property empire in his name – but he's also the owner of a luxury yacht, as well as having private jets and helicopters at his fingertips.

And rather than sitting back as a passenger, his wife actually flies the helicopters herself.

She's posted several photos as she embarks on flying lessons, appearing completely comfortable as pilot.

However, when it comes to Ecclestone's properties, unlike his daughters Petra and Tamara, he keeps them very private.

He's reported to own a large home in London, along with a retreat in Switzerland and a coffee farm ranch in Sao Paolo.

Sky F1 got an exclusive visit to the coffee farm three years ago for a one-off documentary with former driver Martin Brundle, and a following description read: "A water feature meandered around the front of the house, chefs were preparing lunch in an outside kitchen and bar area, which overlooked a perfectly maintained swimming pool and hard tennis court…

"Two barn owls sat inconspicuously outside their sanctuary, while giant sculptures of elephants, gorillas and giraffes decorated the garden and made you feel like you were in an episode of Narcos one minute and Harry Potter the next."

Indeed, the camera crew got one of the first and only looks inside the incredible property, with shots showing not only the coffee houses outside, but also prints of his heroes like Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles on the walls, cream furniture, modern mirrors and a huge tennis court outside.

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They have escaped again…

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They have escaped again…

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Must be Christmas in Gstaad 🎄🎅🏻🎁 #merrychristmas #xmas #lovexmas #family #friends #feliznatal #picoftheday #papainoel #papainoelchegou #gstaad #comeupslowdown

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The pair also enjoy long breaks away on Ecclestone's private yacht.

While he's not one to share snippets of his life online, Flosi has given a glimpse inside as she posed for photos on the boat's huge deck.

Glamorous A-list parties

While Ecclestone is fairly private when it comes to his marriage and family life, he's often pictured with Flosi at star-studded red carpet events and glitzy parties – either following F1 events, or simply during stunning dinners out in some of the world's most beautiful spots.

The pair were pictured posing together at the Rush movie premiere in London in 2013, just a year after they married, while Flosi has also shared regular photos ever since from skyscraper lookouts, in exclusive restaurants and during special occasions such as birthdays or Valentine's Day.

Flosi shared a photo of them dressed to the nines at the end of last year in Hotel Olden in Switzerland, surrounded by balloons, while they've also marked a past Valentine's Day with photos in front of a flower wall.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ our love is bigger and bigger everyday…Love you ❤️@bernieecclestoneofficial

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Rohonyi Tamas, a Hungarian businessman who is a good friend of Ecclestone's, previously told the Daily Mail that Flosi is deeply in love with her husband – and is far from a "gold-digger".

“I was with the two of them in London last week and it was clear they are in love," he said.

“She does what every housewife does, keeps the home in order, cooks and cleans. But she also is a big help in his work.

“I think it’s very stupid for people to think she’s a gold-digger. Frankly, she's just not the type.”

Meanwhile, according to the news outlet, Flosi would often grab EasyJet flights to see Ecclestone at F1 events when they first started dating – and would drive him round London in a discreet black Lexus when they were in the UK.

Life in the fast lane

While Ecclestone has taken more of a backseat in the world of motorsports in recent years, he and his wife are regulars at tracks right around the world for major F1 events.

Whether it's glamorous photos taken inside their Singapore hotel room, or posing on the track before the race, Flosi has kept her fans up to date with all of their trips in the name of motorsports.

And she's far from a plus one, as she appears just as passionate about the sport as her husband.

Dressed head to toe in designer gear, she's often pictured backstage at the races – and she's no stranger to mixing with the teams and grid girls below too.

Have a nice Sunday🏁Bom Domingo🏁 #austriangrandprix #f1 #austriangrandprix2016 #f1paddockclub #picoftheday

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Valeu Otavio! Obrigada pelo carinho e apoio ao @celebritycoffee Thank you @otaviomesquita with @repostapp ・・・ Fabiana Flosi amiga de quase 20 anos ! Executiva que junto com Tamas Rohonyi – promotor do Gp Brasil – nos ajudou a levar a Porsche cup no Gp! Uma ideia que tive junto com @dener_pires Ceo da Porsche cup em 2005 ! Hoje ela lança um café gourmet excepcional !CELEBRITY COFFE ! Parabéns a vc e sua irmã ! Vamos vender no @feedbrasil

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In one photo, she even enjoyed her own moment on the podium as she posed with the winner's trophy for the cameras.

Meanwhile more show her standing in the VIP areas of the stands as she watched the race below with her other half.

However, despite enjoying the finer things in life, Ecclestone is famously thrifty himself – and was even previously rumoured to have served some of his guests Hula Hoops at an event.

He has previously declared: “I rarely buy anything without a discount.”

His careful approach to his fortune no doubt comes from his humble beginnings. Ecclestone was born the son of a fisherman in Suffolk in 1930 and after WWII got his first job at a gasworks testing gas purity.

Since then he's built up an estimated fortune of £2.5billion – so it's fair to say he deserves a bit of luxury.

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