Girls don't want to be my friends when they find out my age – but others can't believe I'm as old as I say I am | The Sun

SHE has bemoaned the fact that she's struggling to make friends in New York.

And Natalie revealed the reason for that in a video on her TikTok page.

Over the clip of herself dancing in a miniskirt, tights and UGGs on a busy Manhattan street, she wrote: "Girls don’t want to be my friends when they find out…

"That I’m 41," she then added.

Natalie captioned her video: "All my friends had kids and moved to the suburbs.

"And I'm too old to make new friends in the city."

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And while her video quickly sparked comments from loads of people offering her friendship in New York, others insisted they couldn't believe that she was actually 41.

"You do not pool 41, I thought you were like 29!" one wrote.

"Hold up u look literally 18," another insisted.

"I think you switched the numbers around," a third joked.

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While someone else commented: "If I don’t look like this at 41 I am suing."

Jesus christ you look incredible!" another wrote.

As someone else added: "I want to and I’ll learn all of your skincare tips. I’m 44."

"It’s their loss.. you look amazing for your age," another praised.

While someone else commented: "I'll be your friend if you tell me your secret!"

In another video on her TikTok page, Natalie admitted that the response to her initial clip – and all the kind offers of friendship – had reduced her to tears.

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