Gardening pro reveals the only tree to plant to create a massive privacy fence… you won’t see neighbours ‘for years’ | The Sun

DEALING with nosy neighbours is never an easy task to deal with, but one professional gardener has revealed a top tip to make life so much easier. 

Simon Akeroyd is a published author, tackling everything from how to get the perfect lawn to growing your own food. 

And he regularly uses his social media accounts to share gardening tips for beginners to help them get the yard looking flawless. 

In one video, the pro shared the ultimate hack to create a privacy fence for if you “dislike your neighbours”. 

Dressed in a blue jumper with dark trousers and boots on, he stood next to a small tree and asked: “Have you considered planting Leylandii hedge?” 

He then panned the camera up to show off a giant version of the hedge, which was both incredibly tall and wide too.

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“It is fast growing and evergreen, screening you from neighbours,” he shared. “But if left unpruned it can grow up to 40m high”. 

He went on to add: “That’s the height of 8 double decker buses stacked on top of each other”. 

Simon then said that if the tree is “pruned back hard” it will not regrow, which means you should “plant with caution… unless you really, really dislike your neighbours”. 

People flocked to the comments section of TikTok user @simonakeroydgardener’s post to share their thoughts. 

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One person shared: “I planted 100 of these down my property line because of a bad neighbour. Haven’t seen them in years.” 

Another said: “I’ve recently done just this,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

But others warned people not to use these trees at all as one person shared: “My dad was a landscape gardener, he warned me never to use these… grow out of control and ruin the ground they root in.. got a good idea.” 

While another said: “Worse idea ever these trees are demon trees,” to which Simon replied: “Yes, very true”. 

And a third said: “Get the Leyland “Green Giant”. Disease resistant and grows to about 30’ tall. I have 12 between my neighbours house”. 

According to, high hedges come under Section 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003). 

The website states: “This allows councils to take action where the hedge has grown to a height where the hedge is adversely affecting the complainants reasonable enjoyment of their property.” 

Simon has written over 30 gardening books and was previously a Head Gardener for the National Trust and Royal Horticultural Society. 

On his website page, he shares: “I believe passionately in encouraging everyone to grow plants. 

“You don't need much space. A window-box, porch or indoor windowsill will do. Not only do plants make your surrounding space look more beautiful, but it helps the wildlife and the planet too.

"It also helps keep you fit and healthy as well as providing you with your own delicious food. 

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“Gardening helps you and your neighbours feel good about themselves.  

“Everybody is a winner and we all feel happier. So what are you waiting for….grab a trowel and get planting.”

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