Gardening gurus share how to get rid of stubborn weeds from your gravel and there’s zero digging involved | The Sun

NOTHING makes a garden go from fab to drab like weeds.

They are a pain to remove at the best of times, but it can be even more difficult when they're growing in gravel or patios and you can't dig them out.

Fortunately, gardening gurus have revealed the best way to get rid of them and do it quickly.

Taking to Facebook, one avid gardener asked: "I’m sick of weeding this area all the time. Are there some tips that can help me do it faster and will less hassle?”

She included a picture of a gravelled area of her garden which had numerous weeds growing from it.

Plenty of people took to the comments to share their gardening hacks, and many recommended using boiling hot water.


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Pour boiling hot water on the weeds and pull them up when they're wilted.”

One wrote: “Gravel is a nightmare. I agree with someone else who suggested using boiling water – it works pretty fast.”

Another commented: “Boiling water, works a treat. My weeds haven’t started to come back yet.”

Someone else agreed: “I’ve found boiling water does the trick. It’s just the cost of boiling a full kettle can put some people off.”

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The heat of the water will collapse the weeds structure and kill them from the root.

Plus, the force of the water will also help break down the plant making it easier to pull up.

You should repeat the method for a couple of days for smaller weeds,but it could take longer for bigger pests.

Not only is this simple gardening hack free, but it's also child and pet friendly too as there is no use of chemicals.

Experts at Plant Legend revealed boiling water does in fact kill weeds, but there's a catch.

Although the high heat and pressure of the water will help break down the structure of the weed and it's roots, it does take more than one attempt sometimes.

They explained: "There are some cons to using boiling water on weeds.

"Some of the cons include needing multiple rounds of scalding water to work, burning yourself, and you can damage nearby plants if you are not careful."

Although the method may not be the best for large areas of weeds or where there are other plants you want to keep, it's perfect for smaller areas such as paving and gravel.

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