Expert reveals why you should NEVER let kids sleep with the door open – it could be the difference between life & death

A CHILD safety expert has revealed why it’s so important to make sure your kids’ bedroom doors stay closed at night – and it could make the difference between life or death.

The expert said to remember the handy phrase "close before you doze", and commenters are super grateful that she shared the tip.

Pediatric emergency doctor and child safety expert Dr Ness shared the tip with her followers on Tiktok.

She showed a photograph comparing two bedrooms in the same house after a house fire: one is virtually perfect, while the other is burnt to a crisp.

This is because one room had the door closed during the fire, while the other room had the door left open.

She explained: “So this is a perfect picture so that you can actually see the difference between keeping the bedroom door open or closed in the event of a fire. 

“If you look, this was a fire in the same house. It was set up for research purposes.”

While pointing at the two drastically different rooms, she asked: “Which room would you rather be in yourself, and which room would rather your kids be in if you were unfortunate enough to have a house fire?”

In another video, she explained the science behind why closing your bedroom door makes such a huge difference in the event of a house fire.

She explained: “Keeping your doors closed decreases the amount of carbon monoxide that gets into the bedrooms when there’s a fire. 

“It decreases the heat that’s in the room, increases the amount of oxygen, which therefore increases the chance of survival and the time you have until rescue.”

Her video has amassed over 90,000 likes, and commenters were grateful for Dr Ness’s safety tip.

“Wow. I had no idea. Thank you”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “Oh my goodness, thank you for this!”

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